Trailer For Elijah Wood's Bizarre Classical Music Themed Thriller Grand Piano

As far as ominous phrases uttered by shadowy villains go, "now you know the meaning of stage fright" is certainly a new one.

Elijah Wood plays a musical prodigy who's wracked with just that affliction in Grand Piano, a bizarre but certainly original thriller wherein he's held hostage upon the stage of his comeback concert by red ink threatening his life on his sheet music.

"Play one wrong note and you die." What is this, a not-so-satirical take on what it's like to have Asian parents? I know I'm not alone here.


Eugenio Mira's outlandish story, also starring John Cusack and Kerry Bishe, can be experienced for yourself on iTunes/On Demand Jan 30, 2014 and in theaters March 7, 2014.

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