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James Gunn Wrapping Up Guardians Of The Galaxy, Offers Another Nathan Fillion Update


Seems like we've been waiting forever for Guardians of the Galaxy, but the wait is almost over, and no one is more aware of its impending release than director James Gunn, who took to Facebook to leave an emotional farewell of sorts.

Here's part of what he said:

I swear, I've gotten angry with filmmakers like Ridley Scott and George Lucas who can't let go of their old films and want to keep going back and offering up different versions, but I can easily see myself doing that now.

This is essentially my last week of actually making Guardians of the Galaxy. It's been two years straight and I've starting to become terrified of actually having to STOP. But on July 7 I leave for Singapore to begin the press tour so I suppose I really have no choice.

Lucky Singapore!

Meanwhile, the Nathan Fillion rumors just will not stop, and Gunn is a bit fed up with it all. He puts it to rest once and for all with Nerdist. Sort of:

Nathan Fillion is not Nova. There's so much bullshit on the internet. I woke up – first it's 'Nathan's Nova!', then there are articles all over saying Nathan's Cosmo. It's like, 'What?!' Nathan's role is a very small cameo that I wanted to give to Nathan because I love working with him and I think it's lucky for me to have Nathan in all of my movies. At the same time I wanted to give him something where Nathan could have a larger role in the Marvel Universe if either Joss [Whedon] or I or whoever chose to do that in the future. Which I would love to do. I would love to give Nathan something he could really chew on, but it didn't work out on this movie for two reasons. Number one — because he was shooting Castle. And number two, because it just wasn't the right exact role for him.

Ok, yes, he denies Nova but not Cosmo, but really, we're reaching the stage here where the best thing to do is probably just to wait and see and stop speculating. But Cosmo certainly makes a lot more sense than Nova.

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