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The Strain Eyeball Billboards To Be Taken Down After Complaints

That above (via Buzzfeed) is the disgusting billboard advertising FX's The Strain that's been popping up and ruining the commutes of Los Angeles drivers everywhere… Well, all the Twitter complaints have been heard and FX will begin to take some of them down. Hashtag activism at work! Billboard for "The Strain" or whatever that godforsaken […]

English Language Remake Of Japanese Horror Audition In The Works

Another spectacularly scary Japanese horror movie (so I've been told, as if I could ever handle watching this) is getting an English-language remake. I guess everyone's forgotten about Oldboy already. Deadline reports an American version of Audition, the Ryu Murakami book that became a cult classic film by Takashi Miike, is coming. The new version […]

Dan Stevens Is The Guest In First Trailer For Sundance Horror

Dan Stevens leaves no recognizable sign of his previous stint on Downton Abbey here in the first trailer for Adam Wingard's The Guest, his follow-up to the well-received but under-performing You're Next. He doesn't exactly do anything, but the whole trailer is menacing and seems to be screaming that this family with a fallen soldier […]