Secrets Of The Battleworld – Secret Wars #9 And Who Else Survived…. (SPOILERS)

There are only two Secret Wars-related comic books out today. As the main title has stretched into infinity (or the end of December) so other books have also stretched. And today the final issue of Hail Hydra and the last issue of the Last Days Of The Silver Surfer both promise much.

Hail Hydra sees the adopted son of Captain America, Ian Rogers, Nomad, and the biological daughter and symbiote-attached Ellie Rogers on the run from the Hydra-dominated Battleworld. Returning to the Infinite Elevator from which Nomad came.

And they press a button of escape.


616. While their fate is undetermined, is this a possibility that they, along with the Maker, Miles Morales, Old Man Logan. Regent and Ultimate Thor's hammer make it out of the battleworld to the new Marvel Universe?

It's possible.

But what universe is left? Well in Silver Surfer #9 also out today, while we have seen the Surfer trying to recreate the universe in the light of its destruction and semi-preservation by Doctor Doom, in today's issue we see Eternity break free of the God Doom's clutches.

IMG_0019Okay, so a spoiler there for Secret Wars #9 – ish. And a released Marvel Universe, but something new, and not how you knew it. A new iteration of the omniverse. So what's new? Let's find out… after all, Al Ewing has written another issue of New Avengers today as well

Comics courtesy of Orbital Comics, London. With a Black Metal Friday sale on Friday and one of the only two shops in the UK to be celebrating Local Comic Shop Day on Saturday. And currently exhibiting a group of cartoonists' influences and inspirations by paying tribute to creators, characters and stories that have had an impact in their own work.




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