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Doctor Doom is Emperor in Our Newest Funko Pop Review 

One of my favorites from this year's convention was the Emperor Doom Pop vinyl from the 2015 Marvel Comics Secret Wars event This is one of my favorite portrayals of Doctor Doom and this exclusive Funko Pop fits all the right boxes So let’s not keep the Emperor waiting any longer as we dive into another Bleeding[...]

Coronavirus Toilet Paper Shortage? Here's Five Comics You Can Wipe Your Ass With

Coronavirus Toilet Paper Shortage? Here's Five Comics You Can Wipe Your Ass With

The list goes on and on, and if you're a serious collector, you're sure to have at least one of these key issues in your collection, and that could make the difference between a squeaky-clean behind and a stench that would have people keeping their distance whether or not you're displaying symptoms of deadly coronavirus." Secret[...]

Jim Shooter

The Jim Shooter Files: Too Much Continuity and Ongoing Storylines

And arguably it was stories like Jim Shooter's Secret Wars a couple of years later that led the way for superhero comic books to make story arcs the standard across superhero comic books More to come Aren't these fun? Last month's MCM London Comic Con had Jim Shooter as a guest, and at his table[...]

Will Marvel Phase 4 End in A Secret War?

Will Marvel Phase 4 End in Secret Wars for the MCU?

In the comics, the Black Knight has frequently been a member of the Avengers and also romantically involved with a character who is about to have a lead role in an upcoming Marvel film -- Sersi of the Eternals. Marvel Phase 4 and Secret War Weirdworlds, the Wasteland, the Microverse and other dimensions were all realms that[...]

Marvel Legends Infamous Iron Man Packaged

Walgreens Exclusive Marvel Legends Infamous Iron Man Available This Spring

This #MarvelLegendsSeries 6-Inch figure will be available Spring 2019 exclusively at @Walgreens. #walgreensexclusiveThis version of Doom features him in his Iron Man suit from the run of comics a couple years ago spinning out of the events of Secret Wars That book was pretty great, but has since fallen away for the return of the one, true Doom[...]

Marvel Two-in-One Annual #1 cover by Chip Zdarsky

Marvel Two-in-One Annual #1 Review: Journey to the Center of Doom

It puts him in situations which he would find abhorrent to discover who he has become since Hickman’s Secret Wars The art of Shalvey and Bellaire is great, and the book earns a strong recommendation Give it a read.[rwp-review-ratings id="0"] [rwp-review-form id="0"] [rwp-review-recap id="0"]The Infamous Iron Man, aka Victor von Doom, and the Thing arrive on[...]

Iron Man 10 Years Later: Ole Shellhead's Top 10 Action Figures!

But that face man...that face is haunting.The Secret Wars figure from 1984 is right up my alley however.Yeah sure these were not very articulated, and these broke pretty often, and his blaster gun thing was not the greatest, but I remember playing with this figure more than any other in this line I loved that[...]

Black Panther Ultimates #1 cover by Kenneth Rocafort

5 Days of Black Panther, Day 5: New Avengers, Ultimates, and Secret Wars

Black Panther was on the life raft that escaped the end too, and he played an integral role in overthrowing Doom with the help of the Infinity Gauntlet.[caption id="attachment_793417" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Secret Wars #6 art by Esad Ribic and Ive Svorcina[/caption]After the restoration of our universe, Black Panther founded the Ultimates, a small group consisting[...]

Quintessential Captain America Stories To Read This July 4th

This one can be picked up from Marvel directly for $10 or from Amazon for less than $18.Though this was not a Captain America-specific story, the original Secret Wars spotlighted the First Avenger for quite a bit, as he did his best to lead a group of heroes made up of the Fantastic Four, the[...]

Did Secret Empire #1 Sell Less Than Half As Many Copies As Civil War II #1?

The year prior, Secret Wars #1 sold an estimated 527,678, according to Comichron If these numbers are accurate, it shows that Secret Empire #1 sold just 41.2% of the number of copies Civil War II #1 did, less than half When compared to Secret Wars #1, Secret Empire #1 sold just 29.8% of its half a[...]

Marvel's Avengers: Secret Wars Returns Today With The Leader

Marvel's Avengers: Secret Wars season 4 kicks off this morning and we have a clip from the episodes Here we see the Leader and his Humanoids attacking the Avengers Marvel has also released a synopsis for the new season:This season the Avengers will muster all of their knowledge and strength to try and find a[...]

Marvel's Secret Wars Cartoon Will Premiere June 17 On Disney XD

First announced at last year's San Diego Comic Con, Marvel's Avengers animated series will be retitled Avengers: Secret Wars for its fourth season, and that new season kicks off next month, according to a press release Constant relaunching of series under different titles and a never-ending cycle of blockbuster events has worked so well for[...]

Looks Like Magneto Is Not Hydra – At Least Not Yet

Were we all mislead by covers? Or is this a shoe yet to drop? In today's Secret Empire #1 by Nick Spencer and Steve McNiven, we see Scarlet Witch joining The Vision, Thor Odinson and Deadpool in the new Hydra Avengers. But what could make a Romani character such as Wanda Maximoff join such Nazi-analogues? […]

Who Will Defend Event Comics? Writer Of Marvel's Secret Empire, Nick Spencer, Will

Event comics have taken a little bit of a beating this weekend. For one thing, they were frequently presented in rebuttals as an alternative reason for Marvel's October sales slump to Marvel SVP Sales and Marketing David Gabriel's comments about people not wanting any more diversity. There was also Gabriel's revelation of Marvel's plans to use […]

Revealed: Reed Richards Personally Erased Doctor Strange's Memory Of The Secret Wars

Probably Old Man Logan.But while most folk seem to have had their memories altered by changing reality, Doctor Strange - who was killed by Doctor Doom in Secret Wars has had his memories personally removed by Reed Richards.At least that's what it says in the All-New All-Different Marvel Universe guidebook update volume published today.So Reed[...]

Marvel Had Twice DC's Marketshare In January, But Walking Dead Outsold Secret Wars


The Illuminated Secret Wars Parody Begins… Properly

The first 72 pages of a very long but very funny Secret Wars parody, Illuminated Wars, has begun You can read the prologue here but the first full chapter can be downloaded in CBR format right here.This is a full blown take on the series, from the rather blonde white skinned nature of the Thor Corps...She has[...]

What Did The Secret Wars Ever Do For Us? 

By Ian Melton  Secret Wars has made a video game canon; well as least a version of it so far.  This week's Contest of Champions, issue #5, actually has quite a few big "moments" for the Marvel Universe brought to us by the new Jonathan Hickman, Al Ewing.  In his current three titles for Marvel, Contest[...]