hail hydra

Split-Price Combined Chart Sees Harley Quinn/Poison Ivy Beat Justice League, Puts Batman and DCeased Back in the Top Ten, for October 2019 Orders

Loot Crate Brings Back the Hydra T-Shirt Controversy?

Loot Crate, after going through bankruptcy and a buyout courtesy of NECA, is doing its best to rebuild its reputation. Late crates are being delivered it seems, new product is joining them, the new investment seems to be turning things around, to the surprise of many who had written Loot Crate off. And more people […]

Nick Spencer Breaks Twitter Silence

Following yesterday's report that Nick Spencer hadn't tweeted to argue with critics of his super-mega-crossover event Secret Empire in more than 48 hours, Spencer immediately took to Twitter to rectify the situation. Lamenting the apparent failure of Marvel's ploy to spoil the ending of the event comic in an attempt to assure readers that, if […]

Scarlet Witch Is Hydra? Burn, Internet, Burn…

Okay, so if people kicked off at Magneto possibly being a member of Hydra, because he's a Holocaust survivor and Hydra are Nazis, despite his having a long history of being a genocidal fascist… …I think we can take it that the reaction to his no-longer-a-daughter Scarlet Witch, child of Romani parents being a member […]

Captain America Exposes Himself On Mark Brooks Cover To Secret Empire #0 (NSFW)

Marvel has revealed the cover to Secret Empire #0, by Mark Brooks, through their media partnership with Eisner award winning website CBR. The cover shows Steve Rogers EXPOSED… as an agent of Hydra. What? What did you think we were talking about? It's NSFW because of the Nazi iconography (unless you work in the White […]

Why No Hail Hydra Outrage Over Garry Shandling?

Recently there was an incredible outpouring of concern over a plot twist in Captain America: Steve Rogers that saw the character revealed as a sleeper spy for Hydra all along. And the involvement Hydra, which has been used as a Nazi, Communist and ISIS analogy over the decades – though with stronger Nazi roots in […]