Sitterson and Dougherty's Savage Hearts Brings Romance to Dark Horse

Ah, romance in comics. Can anyone think of a more classic combination? When a man (Cyclops) and a woman (Jean Grey) and another man with two dicks (Wolverine) get together (one of the dicks is for f**king and the other is for making love), magic happens. But to hear it from Dark Horse, Aubrey Sitterson, and Jed Dougherty, romance in comics is dead, and Sittersion and Dougherty are bringing it back with Savage Hearts, a new comic book from Dark Horse billed as "dinosaur fantasy meets romantic comedy." How many dicks does a T-Rex have? No matter. This isn't about affairs of the dicks — double, triple, or otherwise. It's about affairs of the heart.

From the press release:

The next project from the wild and untamed mind of Aubrey Sitterson arrives at Dark Horse Comics! Co-created by Sitterson (No One Left To Fight, The Worst Dudes) and Jed Dougherty (World's Finest, Harley Quinn), with colors by Lovern Kindzierski (The Worst Dudes, Norse Mythology) and letters by Taylor Esposito (No One Left To Fight, Red Sonja), Savage Hearts is equal parts steamy romance, gut-busting comedy, and heart-pounding action.

In the tradition of your favorite will-they-won't-they romances, Savage Hearts introduces readers to a brawny barbarian bruiser with a broken heart and a lonely beastman who talks to dinosaurs. What happens when they team up against an evil sorcerer? Sides and skulls alike get split and romance blossoms in this all-new jungle fantasy mini-series!

"I can't imagine restricting myself to a single genre," said Aubrey Sitterson, who perhaps has a more Wolverine-like viewpoint on the matter than previously thought. "That's why I'm so fortunate to have the support of Dark Horse Comics and editor Brett Israel, whether it's on fight comic soap operas, raunchy sci-fi mysteries, or sexy jungle romcoms."

"I am excited for readers to get their eyes on this barbaric romance!" said Dougherty. "It has muscular action, piquant comedy, simmering emotion, and was a pleasure to draw!"

Whether it will be a pleasure to read depends largely on what you do while reading it. Look for Savage Hearts #1 in stores on July 14th. Each issue of the print edition of the comic will contain a backup comic by Sitterson and Goran Gligović, a reimagining of Robin Hood called No Kings, No Masters.

The cover to Savage Hearts #1
The cover to Savage Hearts #1

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