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Janet Varney attends Comic-Con International.

"Legend of Korra" Voice Actors to Reprise Roles in Comic Live-Reading

Legend of Korra voice actors Janet Varney and Seychelle Gabrielle, who voiced the titular Korra and her romantic partner Asami respectively on the show, will reprise their roles on Monday in a special comic book live reading event presented by Dark Horse Comics. Dark Horse, which publishes comics based on Avatar: The Last Airbender and […]

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Dark Horse is Giving Away Free Digital #1 Issues

Dark Horse Comics may not be releasing any digital comics this week, but the publisher doesn't want to leave you with nothing Dark Horse to read. To solve this problem, Dark Horse is following in the footsteps of Dynamite Entertainment and making a bunch of #1 issues free tor read digitally on their web store, […]

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Dark Horse is Making Art Books for Android, Arkham Horror and Keyforge

Dark Horse and Asmodee are making art books based on tabletop games from Asmodee's intellectual property library. In a press release Tuesday, Dark Horse and Asmodee Entertainment announced their burgeoning partnership, leading with three licensed art books for the game universes of Android, Arkham Horror, and Keyforge. Containing purportedly never-before-seen production art and commentary from […]

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Rick Remender Had Plans for a Dark Horse Mega-Crossover Event

Superstar comic book writer Rick Remender revealed an outline for a crossover between Fear Agent, The Goon, Hellboy, The Mask, Aliens, and Predator. Sadly, it was not to be. The coronavirus pandemic has shut down comic shops and halted the publication of new comics, leaving many comic book readers, along with the media, without anything […]


Dark Horse Will Not Release New Digital Comics Next Week

With Diamond shut down and no comics shipping to local comic stores, even ones that are still open, next week, the world is waiting to see what's going to happen on the first week with no new comics. As the direct market prepares to suffer, one question left unanswered has been: what about the publishers? […]

BANG!, Blackwood, BPRD, Tomorrow, Hidden Society and Predator Hunters III Launch in Dark Horse Comics February 2020 Solicits

Dark Horse Makes All Comics Returnable For 3 Months, Reduces Schedule

Dark Horse has released their plans regarding the current coronavirus pandemic to comic book retailers. With Diamond closing doors to new product and Dark Horse's printer in Canada also closing its doors, in an address titled 'Committed to Helping Support Your Business', Dark Horse Comics CEO Mike Richardson states, We hope you and your loved […]

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New Orville, Umbrella Academy and Black Hammer in Dark Horse June 2020 Solicitations

Comingfrom Dark Horse in July 2020 solicitations… You Look Like Death: Tales from the Umbrella Academy #1 from Gerard Way and Shaun Simon of the True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys! Barbalien: Red Planet #1, a groundbreaking new sci-fi action series in the world of Black Hammer and Predator: The Original Screenplay #1 adapted from […]

Dark Horse Explores Origin of Ursula the Sea Witch in New Disney Villains Series

Dark Horse Explores Origin of Ursula the Sea Witch in New Disney Villains Series

For years, Ursula the Sea Witch has gotten a bad rap. Portrayed as the villain in The Litle Mermaid, has anyone ever considered Ursula's perspective? In the new Dark Horse comic from Sherri L. Smith and Gabriele Bagnoli, Disney Villains: Ursula and the Seven Seas, we will learn Ursula's origin… and perhaps we'll learn that […]

“The Umbrella Academy” Gets Figure Replicas from Dark Horse

"The Umbrella Academy" Gets Figure Replicas from Dark Horse

The Umbrella Academy was definitely a shock to the system when it finally aired on Netflix. We were always used to the happy stories of being a superhero or even a superhero as a kid. This show enlightened us on the dark side of this genre when 6 extraordinary kids move out of their superhero […]

Black Hammer Universe Explores HIV-AIDS Crisis in Barbalien: Red Planet

Black Hammer Universe Explores HIV-AIDS Crisis in Barbalien: Red Planet

The latest series set in Jeff Lemire and Dean Ormston's Black Hammer Universe will be Barbalien: Red Planet, a five-issue series by Lemire, Tate Brombal, Gabriel Hernández Walta, Jordie Bellaire, and Aditya Bidikar launching in June. Set during the height of the HIV-AIDS crisis on Earth, Dark Horse notes Barbalien: Red Planet #1 will be […]

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Toss A Comic to Your Witcher, Oh Dark Horse Of Plenty

Dark Horse Comics has grabbed Bartosz Sztybor from Boom Studio's Jim Henson's The Storyteller: Sirens and teamed him with Zarathustra's Amad Mir for a new Witcher comic book, Fading Memories, kicking off in June. Though rather than the novels or the TV series, Witcher: Fading Memories is set in the game universe, and created with game publisher […]

Dark Horse Brings The Witcher BAck to Comics in June

The Witcher Needs Bernie Sanders in New Comic from Dark Horse

Dark Horse Comics and CD Project Red have announced another Witcher comic book set to hit stores in June. By Bartosz Sztybor and Amad Mir, The Witcher: Fading Memories is a four-issue mini-series showing the titular Witcher coping with rampant Witcher unemployment, destitute and desperately seeking any kind of job now that monsters are no […]

New York Toy Fair 2020: 28 Photos from the Dark Horse Booth

New York Toy Fair 2020: 28 Photos from the Dark Horse Booth

Sunday continues the New York Toy Fair and this time we dive on into Dark Horse. This booth was a pleasant surprise and it was nice to see the wide variety they have in store for us. One of my favorite piece to look at are the upcoming Umbrella Academy statues. Each one is packed with detail […]

Neil Gaiman's Norse Mythology in Dark Horse Comics' May 2020 Solicitations

The new Dark Horse solicitations for May 2020 contains Norse Mythology #1, faithfully adapted by P. Craig Russell from the original novel from Neil Gaiman, Predator: The Original Screenplay #1 adapted from the 1984 screenplay Hunters, and The Making of The Umbrella Academy HC, exploring the live-action adaptation of the hit series by Gerard Way […]

Dark Horse to Make a Comic Out of the Original Predator Screenplay

Dark Horse to Make a Comic Out of the Original Predator Screenplay

Dark Horse Comics has announced the latest expansion to its line of comics that take old first drafts of movie scripts and turn them into comic books under the guise of presenting "alternate storylines and events for now classic sci-fi motion picture masterpieces." Kicking off in June, Predator is the next movie to have its […]