The All-New Adventures Of Magnum P.I. Come To Comics

Marc Jackson of The All-New Adventures Of Magnum P.I. tells Bleeding Cool how the shutdown affected his workload – and opportunities. He writes;

Back in May, after being slapped around the face by the 'Pesky Pandemic' a few hundred times, I decided to fill the gap of lost work using what had become a successful model for me. The simple premise of Ko-Fi where those visiting your page can buy you a cyber 'Joe' or 'Josephine' if they like your content. I'd been using it as a way for parents to show their appreciation for my twice-weekly YouTube cartooning shows, and it was proving a great way to fill the hole of lost income. I'd found out that a monthly strip I was doing for Comicscene magazine wasn't coming back anytime soon and another strip for a newspaper (The Brooklyn Red Hook-star revue) was in danger too. So, I needed another plan and fast (again, this was the theme of those crazy few months, it seems). What comic could I turn into a web series that would give me the best chance to fill that lost revenue? Well, there was only one that potentially had 'sure-fire' written all over it… The All-New Adventures Of Magnum P.I.

The All-New Adventures Of Magnum P.I.
Art from The All-New Adventures Of Magnum P.I.


Yep, back in January, I wrote and illustrated a mini-comic in a couple of weeks, encouraged by the mighty Sean Phillips no less, featuring everyone's favorite moustachioed Private Investigator. Not only was it a hell of a lot of fun to make, but it also turned into my fastest-selling comic ever, selling out before I'd even gone to print, the stuff of dreams for any self-publisher! Was I in Ninja Turtles territory? Not quite, but y'know, stranger things have happened!! So on May 1st, I launched the first strip on Ko-Fi, the plan was I needed to cover the creation each month to carry on doing it regularly, and it worked, fans of the comic wanted more, new fans came on board, and folks wanted to see this comic keep going.

The All-New Adventures Of Magnum P.I.
Art from The All-New Adventures Of Magnum P.I.

So, out of all the uncertainty of the times we live in, something cool happened. Comics always find a way, and I just uploaded the 5th installment, and by Christmas, there will be a mini-comic collecting the first eight strips together with some bonus stuff too, because, y'know, print is always awesome.

Continued support for this comic is always appreciated; I really want to keep making this beyond the merry month, and need the readers to help make that happen. I'm giving Bleeding Cool readers the chance to see the first part for free if you haven't already, to tempt you into joining in the fun.

So, for the price of a coffee (well, maybe not, everywhere seems to have put their prices up now for some crazy reason), you can enjoy monthly mustache action, the way it was meant to be. Yes, it should be a Netflix cartoon show voiced by the man himself, Mr. Thomas Selleck, with a line of super-cool action figures, but again, I'm in Ninja Turtles land with that one… but a cartoonist can dream, right?

See you in the funny pages!

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