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Captain Fishbeard book - Fishbeard and Friends
This book features art and stories from LOADS of different creators though and has a truly vast range of art styles." Fishbeard and Friends will feature the following comic book creators, a number of whom will be at Thought Bubble – Aaron Rackley, Alejandro Rosado, Andy Hanks,  Charles H Raymond, Clark Bint, Dan Butcher, Dan Whitehead,[...]
Marc Jackson Mister T
Cartoonist Marc Jackson is a favourite here on Bleeding Cool, especially the way he takes on and transforms nostaglic memories in a modern, quirky style And he's doing it again with BA Baracus himself, Mister T He writes on Facebook, Back in 2020, spurred on by the mighty Sean Phillips, I created two comic books based[...]
Marc Jackson's Spookids, Now A Monthl;y Co
Marc Jackson, the Magnum PI comic creator, returns with something a little spooky, as his new comic Spookids launches on Kofi as a monthly comic strip He writes; Wait, isn't that the same comic that Bleeding Cool's Rich Johnston favourably reviewed last year ahead of its release at Thought Bubble? Well, yes, it is; thanks for[...]
Magnum PI
Marc Jackson of The All-New Adventures Of Magnum P.I tells Bleeding Cool how the shutdown affected his workload – and opportunities He writes; Back in May, after being slapped around the face by the 'Pesky Pandemic' a few hundred times, I decided to fill the gap of lost work using what had become a successful model[...]
Marc Jackson Brings The Ninja to His Comic Books
Marc Jackson is a cartoonist and teacher who self-publishes his work and is a Bleeding Cool regular He writes of his latest Ninja work,  Back in early April, just a couple of weeks after everything hit the fan, I suddenly found myself in a situation where I was losing my regular comic strip work[...]
Marc Jackson is a British cartoonist, educator and a regular on Bleeding Cool His life, just like all of us, is subject to upheaval and is being transformed But he'll always have Magnum PI, and it's an appreciation he is happy to share with us all – for the price of a coffee For something[...]
Marc Jackson is a British cartoonist, educator and a regular on Bleeding Cool His life, just like all of us, is subject to upheaval and is being transformed So he changing everything about what he does He writes for Bleeding Cool; Last month, as it was becoming increasingly evident of what was about to happen world-wide,[...]
Upcoming Comic Projects : Ka-Punch! by Marc Jackson
Marc Jackson writes, My new comic strip 'KA-PUNCH!' starts in this month's issue of Comic Heroes magazine The first appearance is two full pages and the following issues (they have committed to 2 more issues so far) will be single pages The story is self-contained for each issue, as they come out quarterly, but will also[...]
Marc Jackson's Duckless Arrives For March's Aces Weekly
From Aces Weekly comes a fun new comic entitled Duckless created by Marc Jackson The comic follows the adventures of a guy named Duckless and his friends Duckless draws the comic that we get to see, and in turn affects the world around himself with his imagination Everything you see is happening His imagination runs[...]
The Macclesfield From Space – Duck Dare & Hero Hound
Marc Jackson writes; Last month, I was interviewed by Martin Regan the editor of Macclesfield Today, the new local Newspaper in my hometown of Macclesfield in Cheshire I'd contacted him awhile back wondering if he'd be interested in writing a piece on my adventures as a cartoonist in the wild world of comics and to possibly[...]
Space, A Man And A Goldfish With A Gambling Problem
Marc Jackson writes for Bleeding Cool Back in 2010, I created a web-comic and subsequent small-press comic called MAN FROM SPACE It featured a schlubby kind of guy, adventuring around a distant galaxy with an awesome beard, pants, no shoes and a cape He also had a sidekick called Michael who happened to be a goldfish. The[...]