The Daily LITG, 6th April 2019 – Marvel And DCease

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Top five stories read yesterday:

  1. Why DCEased Will Be An Even Bigger Part of DC Lore Than We Thought [Spoilers]
  2. Meet 'Pants Book Guy' – Alleged to Have $300 of Comics Down His Trousers
  3. Rob Liefeld Will Never Sign Deadpool/Spider-Man #47, the First Appearance of Major X?
  4. 'Avengers: Endgame' Cast Invades Downtown Disney!
  5. Where In The Marvel Universe Will Conan Be? (SPOILERS)

Happening today:

And a happy birthday to:

  • Will Lund, co-founder of San Diego Comic-Con
  • Comics journalist Brett Schenker
  • Mark Askwith, writer on The Prisoner, Justice League, Batman
  • Jorge Molina, artist on Spider-Geddon, A-Force, Avengers Assemble
  • Comics journalist David S. Serchay

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