The End Of The Ultimate Universe? Again, I Mean?

It's one thing you can guarantee that, every year, we'll get another rumour about the End Of The Ultimate Universe.

I mean, we were right last time that all the Ultimate books would be cancelled. Ish. They were. Just restarted after the Cataclysm crossover.

This time? Well the cancellation of Ultimate FF does bring this to the fore, leaving The All-New Ultimates and Ultimate Spider-Man as the remaining Ultimate titles.

There also are consistent rumours that Ultimate Spider-Man may, somehow, move to the Marvel Universe permanently, and his appearance in All-New X-Men (whichever Miles Morales it turns out to be), Spider-Verse and Spider-Men 2 will only fuel that suspicion.

But I'm being told by sources close to the creative teams that the All-New Ultimates will also end, and that while there are a bunch of Ultimate Spider-Man issues scheduled into the middle of 2015, after that, there's nothing.

Or course they can always add some. But could this be a case, for the Ultimate Universe, as has already been speculated that Time Runs Out and we have to deal with an Ultimate Earth causing an incursion into Earth 616?

I have no idea whatsoever.


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