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Review: X-Men Blue #4 – Straightforward, But A Little Threadbare
It turns out to be Jimmy Hudson, son of Wolverine from the Ultimates universe, whom all-but Cyclops recognize from one of their adventures in Jimmy Hudson's world They get into a vicious fight, where Hudson keeps accusing them of being a hunting party intent on capturing him Just as they manage to knock him down[...]
Is That *Really* The 616 And The Ultimate Universe In Ultimate End?
The Ultimate End comic, part of the Secret Wars spinoff titles shows us a Manhattan with two realities existing simultaneously, the Regular Marvel Universe, the 616 and the Ultimate Universe, 1610 And finding a way to get by, in the full knowledge that Doom doesn't approve of this sort of thing. But is it? At the end[...]
Miles Morales Joins The All-New, All-Different Avengers?
Marvel, Iron Man, Thor, Nova, Captain America… And upfront that looks like Miles Morales, the Ultimate Spider-Man. Which might also indicate, as much speculated, that the character will be joining the ongoing Marvel Universe Whether a survivor of the Ultimate universe, a member of a new merged reality, a new universe to replace the 616, who[...]
The Cancellation Of The Ultimate Universe With Ultimate End
In 2013, Bleeding Cool ran a story regarding a well-sourced rumour we'd had that would see the Avengers fight the Ultimates for the end of the Ultimate Universe, hat we were told would come in 2014. Brian Bendis put us in our place. The Ulitmate universe is not cancelled! the concept of legit comics reporting is though. —[...]
Is This The End Of The Ultimate Universe?
Or is this another one of those alternate world event comics that seem to be tying into Secret Wars? Ultimate Universe: The End #1… There is only one Ultimate book left now after all…   Or is this another one of those alternate world event comics that seem to be tying into Secret Wars? Ultimate Universe: The End #1… There[...]
The End Of The Ultimate Universe? Again, I Mean?
It's one thing you can guarantee that, every year, we'll get another rumour about the End Of The Ultimate Universe. I mean, we were right last time that all the Ultimate books would be cancelled Ish They were Just restarted after the Cataclysm crossover. This time? Well the cancellation of Ultimate FF does bring this to the[...]
Could Marvel Revive The Ultimate Comics Line By Tying It In With The Movies?
Marvel Comics has just relaunched its Ultimate line of comic books and it hasn't exactly set the market on fire The new Ultimate FF was well reviewed but its sales were pitiful What was once a byword for excitement and innovation has become tainted after ludicrous plots poor characterisation and, basically, gaining a reputation for[...]
Everyone Pointing The Finger in Ultimate Comics' Survive Preview
So, someone is dead, Spoilers for Ultimate Cataclysm, obviously. And in the Survive oneshot by Brian Bendis and Joe Quinones, everyone is pointing the finger First there's Tony Stark.Then there's SHIELD… Well, someone's going to blamed They seem to have to have got the shield back off Storm though. So, someone is dead, Spoilers for Ultimate Cataclysm,[...]
Will The Ultimate Universe… Survive? Will It Be… An Incursion? (CREATIVE TEAM UPDATE)
UPDATE: We've now confirmed the Survive creative team as Brian Bendis and Joe Quinones, with Olivier Coipel on the cover. There are no Ultimate titles featured in Marvel's solicitations for March. But there is something with no details attached called Survive #1. Remember when Marvel did something similar with Hunger #1? So at the end of Cataclysm, we can[...]
So… What Is Marvel's Ultimate Prologue? (UPDATE)
UPDATE: "Ultimate Prologue" has now been removed from the Amazon listing Goodness… From the Amazon listing for Cataclysm: The Ultimates' Last Stand lists the comics it includes, including something called "Ultimate Prologue." Have a look. COLLECTING: Cataclysm: The Ulimates' Last Stand 1-5, Cataclysm: Ultimate Spider-Man 1-3, Cataclysm: Ultimate X-Men 1-3, Cataclysm: Ultimates 1-3, Hunger 1-4, Cataclysm 0.1,[...]
That Baltimore Comic Con Marvel Panel In Video
This is the video for the Marvel Comics panel at Baltimore Comic Con from last weekend, lasting almost an hour. [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jVY91ZCas9s[/youtube] It also clarifies the "gay Ultimate Flash Thompson" issue Bleeding Cool initially reported, after talking to a number of people who were at the panel that; Ultimate Spider-Man artist Mark Bagley revealed that there had been a[...]