The First Man To Possibly Bag And Board His Comics Sells His Collection To Pay For Medical Treatment


Comic collector Steve Landman of Kildeer, Illinois has been diagnosed with Anti-MAG IgM Peripheral Neuropathy which attacks his immune system and is taking away his ability to walk. And to pay for the treatment and its heavy side affects, to look after his family and to raise awareness of the condition amongst researchers, reports he is selling his comic book collection. It's estimated he could get between three quarters of a million dollars for the haul, including high condition copies of Amazing Fantasy #15, Fantastic Four, Amazing Spider-Man #1, Incredible Hulk #1, Tales Of Suspense #35, Journey Into Mystery #83, Tales To Astonish #27, and many more.


What's also noteworthy, aside from the condition of the collection, is that it's coming onto the market fresh, it has never been traded before, and is the personal collection that Laudman has been putting together since he was a young boy.

Not only did he collect the best copies he could, but he kept them bagged and boarded in a time before such protective items were available in comic stores. Indeed, it's possible he was the first person to do so.

"I've talked to a lot of my friends, and we think Steve is the first guy to every use backer boards and bags to protect his comic book collection," said Gary Colabuono, who once owned a chain of comic book stores and has helped Landman prepare for the auction.

Being sold with Moondog Comics as "The Doctor Fate Collection", through ComiConnect, the auction runs until December 13th.

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