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Action Comics #1 Ashcan Sells For $204,000
A copy of the Action Comics #1 Ashcan recently sold for $204,000 at auction One of only three known copies, the last one sold for $50,000 twelve years ago and the other is in the DC Comics vaults Intriguingly, the Action Comics ashcan doesn't have any Superman in it, just pages from Detective Comics and[...]
John Romita Jr's Batman Vs Spider-Man Original Artwork At Auction
And as part of this weekend's Heritage Auction comic book artwork lots are two pieces by John Romita Jr and Klaus Janson a decade apart, one from their run on Amazing Spider-Man written by Marc Guggenheim, and another from their run on Batman written by Tom King. And now he's back at Marvel More Spider-Man? Or[...]
Al Jaffee's MAD Magazine Superman Fold-Out Original Art At Auction
Between April 1964 and April 2013, only one issue of Mad was published without containing new material by Jaffee. And as part of this weekend's Heritage Auction comic book artwork lots is Al Jaffee's take on Superman trying to get a new suit – revealing that all he wants is one with a zipper. Al Jaffee Superman: The[...]
Fake News! Counterfeit Copy Of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles At Auction
Indeed, after the passage of time, they are worth far more than they were originally sold for when people thought they were the real first prints. A counterfeit copy of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #1 is currently up for auction, slabbed at CGC 9.4 at ComicConnect, ending on Friday, the 16th of April, and has already[...]
More Fun Comics #73 - First Aquaman and Green Arrow - Up For Auction
Fate gives this issue a ton of firepower, which always makes for a heavyweight bout at auction This book has undergone a moderate amount of professional restoration to replenish its appearance and stability, and it has definitely paid off, as the book is in impressive condition, once shunned, restored books have become accepted by collectors,[...]
Batman #202 On Auction Today At ComicConnect Today
On auction at ComicConnect, today is a raw copy of this classic cover, done by Irv Novick Sitting at a paltry $8 as of this writing, this is too nice a copy and too awesome a cover to pass up Check it out below. Batman #202 Credit ComicConnect A Classic Batman Tale At A Low, Low Price This[...]
Batman #1 CCG 8.0 Already Over Half A Million At Auction
ComicConnect Sponsored Post ComicConnect has a lot of Golden Age comic books coming to auction right now, but one of the biggest has to be Batman #1 in CGC 8.0 condition, alongside so many other Batman comics from that run, part of The Kentucky Collection, including a Batman #2 in CGC 8.0 condition That is then[...]
How Much Will A Daredevil #1 9.6 Go For After Last Week's Sale?
ComicConnect Sponsored Post The first appearance of Daredevil in a 9.6 CGC slab is up for auction at ComicConnect today And it may well set records for its grade A CGC 9.6 slabbed copy sold in 2010 for $37,000, but this copy at the time of writing, has been bid up to $91,000 and it is[...]
First Appearance Of The Skrulls, Up for Auction Today
The alien shape-shifting race who first appeared in the Marvel Cinematic Universe with Captain Marvel popped up again in WandaVision and now looking to fill the ranks of the upcoming Secret Invasion TV series, and more besides? Fantastic Four #2 Fantastic Four #2 in an incredible CGC 9.0 grade is up on the ComicConnect Auction listings today, Tuesday[...]
First Appearance Of Robin In Terrible Condition Still Breaks Records
Detective Comics #38 in CGC 1.5 is up on the ComicConnect Auction listings today, Tuesday the 13th, and at the time of writing, has bids up to over $15,000, when the guide price for a condition in 2.0 is just over $12,000 How much higher than guide value will this go? When the spine of[...]
Mega Man Battle Network 4 Blue Moon On Auction At Comics Connect
ComicConnect Sponsored Post ComicConnect, a comics and games-based auction house located in New York, NY, has put a rare, WATA VF+ 8.5-graded copy of Mega Man Battle Network 4: Blue Moon up for auction! This game will be on the auction block up until 7:25 PM Eastern Time (or 6:25 PM Central Time) on Monday, April 12th,[...]
ComicConnect Auction - TV History and Marvel Films Memorabilia
ComicConnect Sponsored Post ComicConnect has some fascinating pieces of film and television history up for auction ending Monday, April 12 These pieces include Wolverine's claws from X2, Niki's straight jacket costume piece from the TV show Heroes, and an authentic piece of actual TV history – a street sign from Paramount's short-lived television company from the[...]
Pokémon Crystal WATA A++ Graded 9.4 For Auction At Comics Connect
Nevertheless, it's never too late to start a collection like that, as fans of the Pokémon franchise at large can tell you. ComicConnect, an auction house based in New York City that deals in comics, games, and collectibles, has put a remarkably rare copy of Pokémon Crystal up for auction for such a discerning collector[...]
ComicConnect Auction Post - DC Film and Batman TV Props
ComicConnect Sponsored Post ComicConnect has more than just comics up for auction in their lot ending Monday, April 12 There are several DC props up for auction in this lot, like Joker's grille from the 2016 Suicide Squad film and some throwable (fake) weapons from the Titans television series All props come with a certificate of[...]
Pokémon Emerald, Graded 9.6 WATA A+, Auctioning At Comics Connect
And luckily for anyone in the market for Game Boy Advance games such as that one, ComicConnect, a New York City-based auction house, has a 9.6-graded, WATA A+ copy up for auction right now! The auction will continue until Monday, April 12th, at 7:30 PM Eastern Time or 6:30 PM Central Time. A rare, highly-graded WATA[...]