The Future Of Booster Gold… And The Past

This is how it went the first time around, from Justice League International #1 written by Geoff Johns and Dan DiDio. Booster God meeting another version of himself.


Well, we know who. But when was he coming from?

Annual Justice League International V2 #1 - Page 39

Basically Booster Gold was trying to perform a trans-temporal cock block.

Annual Justice League International V2 #1 - Page 40

Don't you hate it when that happens? Now I am reliably informed that whatever the best laid plans for this scene were, they "aft gang agley" and new stories were commissioned to explain what the hell was going on here, though none were published.

Well, from today's Booster Gold: Futures End, we get to see the same scene. Though this time it only takes a page. Decompression…

Image (103)


Also someone turned the lights on this time. And it sets up that what we saw might not have been a future Booster Gold doing a dry run for the plot of Futures End, but instead a Booster Gold from another dimension as he does a little hopping himself..

To Earth 19…

Image (109)

To Earth 4…

Image (107)

To Earth AD…

 Image (105)And more besides…

Image (108)

The Earth in which the Legion books took place perhaps? Or Justice League 3000?

Image (106)

Either way there s also a concurrent theme of loss of power… see also today's Superman: Doomed #2. Which we will be in a short time.

Oh and one final promise.

Image (110)Booster Gold: Futures End #1, whatever it all means, looks like giving us a sneak preview for either Blood Moon, the name we first revealed for the DC Band-Aid project – which we have described as pitting alternate multiverse characters against each other – or what comes after it…

Comics courtesy of Orbital Comics in London. With a Gerry Duggan signing today, and the continuing Scene & Heard exhibition.



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