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In the case of "Legends," it was the addition of Donald Faison's Booster Gold that helped ignite the energies of the fans for what they were certain would be the eighth season If nothing else, the long-running Arrowverse series would be given a chance to go out on its own terms, right? Well, right now[...]
legends of tomorrow
Written by Lauren Fields & Daniel Park with art by Paul Pelletier & Andrew Hennessy, the adventure finds some familiar faces returning to help out one of their own as well as a story focusing on Booster Gold (Donald Faison in the for-now series finale) In honor of the issue's arrival, Park took to Twitter[...]
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It was always up in the air. In today's Blue And Gold #8, Booster Gold creator Dan Jurgens reveals all. As the helmet finally comes off. The Black Beetle is Mike Carter A parallel version of Booster Gold, from the future – just a different future.The future of what world? That's Earth 3 As created by Gardner Fox and[...]
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Buggles turns on Blue Beetle and Booster Gold in this preview of Blue and Gold #8, the series finale Check out the preview below. BLUE & GOLD #8 DC Comics 0222DC087 (W) Dan Jurgens (A/CA) Ryan Sook Keep your friends close and your enemies closer! Things have never been easy for Booster and Beetle as they set out on their[...]
Along with the team pulling off what might be the best creative season of its run so far, we need to see where things are heading with Donald Faison's (Scrubs) now-confirmed Booster Gold We've already learned how important the character is in the "bigger picture" just by the fact that he's already made a "guest[...]
Yup, Faison is playing none other than Booster Gold And we've already learned how important the character is in the "bigger picture" just by the fact that he's already made a "guest appearance" over on The Flash Now thanks to his Fake Doctors, Real Friends with Zach and Donald podcast with friend & Scrubs co-star[...]
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Check out the preview below. BLUE AND GOLD #7 DC Comics 1221DC071 (W) Dan Jurgens (A/CA) Ryan Sook Blue & Gold Restoration is up and running, with Booster Gold and Blue Beetle taking on any number of strange cases, from paranormal extremes to lost civilizations, ancient aliens, gateways to other dimensions, and even super-villains looking for help in going straight![...]
legends of tomorrow
If it's not Booster Gold then who is Donald Faison (Scrubs) playing tonight? Well, series star Caity Lotz offered up some more clues in the form of a brief video clip of Faison in costume to film the season-ender And wow is that an interesting color scheme… Image: Screencap Now here's a look at Lotz's post from[...]
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And now we come to today's Blue And gold #6 by Dan Jurgens and Ryan Sook (finally), And plenty of folks asking me … is that Rip Hunter Pointing? Time-travelling Soyjak and secret son of Booster Gold? As ever, you be the judge… Separated At Birth used to be called Swipe File, in which we presented two[...]
Which looks at Booster Gold's parentage. Rip Hunter is Booster Gold's son Revealed back in his 2007 series, as well as Booster Gold 1,000,000… …but now back in continuity, just in case anyone was wondering, though Booster Gold does not know the truth And handily returning ahead of the new DC's Legends Of Tomorrow television series from[...]
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Why does Booster Gold want to kill Blue Beetle in this preview of Blue and Gold #6, in stores Tuesday from DC Comics? And more importantly, will he succeed? In this issue, Blue Beetle… WILL DIE?! Probably not Check out the preview below. BLUE AND GOLD #6 DC Comics 1121DC049 (W) Dan Jurgens (A/CA) Ryan Sook Booster and Beetle are[...]
legends of tomorrow
Set to debut in S07E13 "Knocked Down, Knocked Up" (directed by Kevin Mock and written by Phil Klemmer & Keto Shimizu), the description for Faison's character includes words and phrases such as "golden years," "boost," and "unauthorized time traveler" (see below) has folks believing we're about to get Booster Gold introduced into the Arrowverse[...]
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The shenanigans of Blue Beetle and Booster Gold pull Rip Hunter way from an early Beatles concert in this preview of Blue and Gold #5 Check out the preview below. BLUE & GOLD #5 (OF 8) DC Comics 1021DC077 1021DC822 – BLUE & GOLD #5 (OF 8) CVR B SIMONE DI MEO PEACEMAKER CARD STOCK VAR – $4.99 (W) Dan[...]
Human Target #3 Review: An Accomplishment
He comes into this book with all the subtlety of a tractor-trailer, and his arc here is sheer enjoyment. Then we toss in Booster Gold, a hapless mercenary with time travel at his disposal and the dumbest possible ideas He's investigated, and Chance is surprised by the effortless bonhomie shared between old friends … which he[...]
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In today's Blue And Gold #2 by Dan Jurgens and Ryan Sook, Booster Gold and Blue Bettle take the next step into becoming private superheroes with a philanthropic sponsor Or at least Booster Gold does Rejected by the Justice League, he has to look after the bottom line And with Blue Beetle getting a new[...]