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In today's Blue And Gold #2 by Dan Jurgens and Ryan Sook, Booster Gold and Blue Bettle take the next step into becoming private superheroes with a philanthropic sponsor Or at least Booster Gold does Rejected by the Justice League, he has to look after the bottom line And with Blue Beetle getting a new[...]
Dan Jurgens and Ryan Sook's Blue & Gold From DC Comics in July
DC Comics has announced a new eight-issue mini-series, Blue & Gold, starring Booster Gold and Blue Beetle, by Booster Gold's creator Dan Jurgens, alongside Ryan Sook And they have speech balloons on the cover as well. Dan Jurgens and Ryan Sook's Blue & Gold From DC Comics in July Michael Carter, aka Booster Gold A scoundrel from[...]
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But not Poison Ivy. The Harley Quinn comic book has, instead, pushed for Harley Quinn and Booster Gold as a couple, and tody's Harley Quinn #74 – the penultimate issue – takes that further, and is in direct contrast to the Harley Quinn & Poison Ivy mini-series treatment That series concluded with a tearful moment between[...]
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Whether it's getting a bite or a drink to eat… Harley Quinn Loves Booster Gold… To Death? Art by Clay Mann.   =Just flirting for the onlookers…   Harley Quinn Loves Booster Gold… To Death? Art by Clay Mann. Talking over the fine points of what you do to people who have killed your friends…   What happens when the two of them[...]
But some of us get to take out hot takes and make it into a comic book with Booster Gold in them. Was Heroes In Crisis About Harley Quinn Falling For Booster Gold? Art from CBR. Such as Sam Humphries and the current Harley Quinn series he is writing, that has just seen Booster Gold start guesting[...]
Harley Quinn and Booster Gold Revisit Heroes in Crisis in March
The book sees Harley and Booster Gold team up to try to solve a murder mystery Maybe the detective skills she picks up from being Batman's new sidekick will be of help? In any case, this team-up feels a little familiar, after Heroes in Crisis Hey, we've solved the mystery Wally West killed Harley's friend![...]
Heroes in Crisis: We Already Know Who the Real Killer Is [SPOILERS?]
The plot is always misdirecting us away from the real killer so that when the revelation comes, we all go "Of course! It was so obvious!" So: Was it Harley Quinn or Booster Gold wot killed 'em all? Let's see, Harley is a half-reformed supervillain who's insane and has been perfectly comfortable killing people in the past,[...]
Batman #47 cover by Tony S. Daniel, Danny Miki, and Tomeu Morey
He has Booster Gold chained up in his basement and is trying to repair Skeets in the hope of saving his parents He soon discovers that Skeets is voice-activated, which means that he must bring Booster Gold back up from his prison. Batman #47 cover by Tony S Daniel, Danny Miki, and Tomeu Morey Batman #47 actually[...]
Batman #46 cover by Tony S. Daniel, Danny Miki, and Tomeu Morey
[rwp-review-recap id="0"] Booster Gold returns to this alternate version of Gotham a year later (in local time) His new plan is to introduce Catwoman to Bruce Wayne and convince him to accept the "true timeline." However, this version of Catwoman is…a little different Meanwhile, this iteration of Gotham worsens, and Thomas Wayne develops health issues. Batman #46[...]
Batman #45 cover by Tony Daniel and Tomeu Morey
[rwp-review-recap id="0"] Booster Gold arrives to a version of Gotham where Hal Jordan is in the process of shooting himself in the head with his Green Lantern Ring Booster and Skeets search the city for Batman, only to find a grizzled and armed Dark Knight ready and eager to gun down any superhero he sees[...]
catwoman joelle jones c2e2 2018 batman panel
He wanted to come back and give 100% to the art — he felt there was more to be done. On the next arc of Batman, King said Booster Gold wants to get a wedding gift for Batman and Catwoman, so he saves Bruce's parents! We see a world without Bruce as Batman — and that[...]
Superman: Action Comics #998 cover by Will Conrad and Ivan Nunes
[rwp-review-recap id="0"] Superman and Booster Gold are in the process of being executed by the Zod Family's heat vision Their only hope was Skeets, and he appeared to be destroyed However, the little robot had a few more tricks up its sleeve, and he may just be able to save our heroes Even if he does,[...]