The Page Of Watchmen You'll Want To Read Before You Pick Up Flash #22 This Week, You Puppets


This week's Flash #22 by Josh Williamson and Neil Googe, from a plot by Geoff Johns, is the final issue of The Button and is intended to lead directly into Doomsday Clock by Geoff Johns and Gary Frank, scheduled for November.

And, yes, they scheduled the release for last night, because they knew stuff would start leaking today. Or is it that stuff has started leaking today because they released it last night? Cause and effect, the very thing that Dr Manhattan seems to reject…

We may engage with the details of that. Just not yet.

This is basically a semi-spoiler for Flash #22 but does so without running anything that's in the comic, not directly. Instead, it's a reminder of a scene from Watchmen, both in comic book and movie form.

Here is the comic book page.


Here is the movie scene.

Flash #22 by Josh Williamson and Neil Googe is published on Wednesday. Get offline now…

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