Was #XMenMonday Cancelled Due to the Midterm Elections?

X-Men Monday is, perhaps, the most important weekly Twitter hashtag holiday in all of comics, so the world was shocked and disappointed yesterday when Marvel X-Editor Jordan White declined to post any previews or teases from upcoming X-Books. In retrospect, the first signs of trouble showed up in the morning, when White delayed the tweeting of X-Men Monday material citing a busy day at the office.

Loyal X-Men fans held out hope that the tweets would come, and provide Bleeding Cool with a clickbait article to make out of them, but as the day pressed on, there were no tweets to come, though White found time to post about other, less important matters, like retweeting Joss Whedon's tweet about the U.S. Midterm elections.

Is Jordan White trying to tell us that the future of the nation is more important than the upcoming Uncanny X-Men relaunch? It's a controversial opinion, and one many would disagree with. White also posted about other topics, such as the changing fast food options in the vicinity of the Marvel offices.

Finally, like a Marvel editor trying to keep a super-mega-crossover event's last issue on schedule, White was forced to admit defeat.

But in the darkest hour for X-Men fans… well, second darkest hour, the darkest being that time they killed Cyclops… X-writer X-traordinaire Kelly Thompson came through with a relettered panel from the upcoming Mr. and Mrs. X #5.


Thompson knows, as all X-Men fans do, that voting is important, but equally important is posting X-Men previews for X-Men Monday, so she found a way to tackle both subjects with one tweet. Hopefully, White will get things back on track for next week, but in the meantime, there's probably only one way to make it up to us: by revealing whether or not teen Cyclops survived his apparent death at the end of last week's issue of Extermination.

We'll be waiting for you to do the right thing, White.

As for X-Men fans, the best thing we can probably do, in an effort to ease tensions, is do what White asked and head to the polls today. If we give him this, perhaps he will give us our beloved X-Men previews next Monday. What better outcome could we hope for from this election than that? If you need information on where and how to vote, you can start at Oni Press's Draw Out the Vote website here.


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