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Is Rob Liefeld Reviving Cable for His Big 2019 X-Men Crossover? #XMenMonday Returns!

Following his promotion to Senior Editor at Marvel last week, Marvel X-Editor Jordan White chose not to test his claims that he could get Bleeding Cool to publish an article about anything he tweets on a Monday, instead posting the traditional #XMenMonday previews from upcoming X-books, which of course we're also going to make an […]

Was #XMenMonday Cancelled Due to the Midterm Elections?

X-Men Monday is, perhaps, the most important weekly Twitter hashtag holiday in all of comics, so the world was shocked and disappointed yesterday when Marvel X-Editor Jordan White declined to post any previews or teases from upcoming X-Books In retrospect, the first signs of trouble showed up in the morning, when White delayed the tweeting[...]

Why Did Laura Kinney Give Up the Wolverine Codename and Return to Using X-23?

With the relaunch of All-New Wolverine as X-23, a lot of X-fans wondered why Laura Kinney would go back to using the codename given to her by the people who used her as a killing machine. The obvious answer: because the original Wolverine was coming back. Slowly. And expensively. Over the course of three one-shots, […]

Marvel X-Editor Jordan White Wants to Reboot Excalibur, Give Longshot a Solo Series

Ukulele-wearing, fedora-playing Marvel X-Editor Jordan White must have had a busy day at the office Monday, nearly forgetting to engage in the weekly X-Men Monday promotion on Twitter until it was time for his commute home from work As a result, White decided to hold a Q&A on Twitter during his ride home.https://twitter.com/cracksh0t/status/1031673843579015168Though as a[...]