Watchmen Toilets? WB Finally Finds a Way to Top Those Toasters

Ah, 2012. It was a simpler time. Donald Trump was the somewhat likeable host of reality TV show Celebrity Apprentice. Avengers vs. X-Men seemed like the lowest Marvel could possibly sink in terms of character assassination of our beloved mutants. And a toaster that burned Rorschach's mask into a piece of bread seemed like the pinnacle of humiliation via crass commercialization DC could attempt to inflict on Alan Moore for daring to co-create one of comics most seminal works, Watchmen, and then having the gall to stop working with DC after thew screwed him out of the rights.

Watchmen Toilets: WB Finally Finds a Way to Top Those Toasters

We were so naive back then. In the time since, we've seen unauthorized prequels and unauthorized sequels to Watchmen. And now, we've got an HBO TV show by Damon Lindelof to really stick it to Moore and Dave Gibbons that DC parent company Warner Bros will continue to endlessly exploit a work that, if not for shady contracts, the creators would own by now. But even still, the corporate conglomerate has found a way to up the ante.

Captured by comic book writer Lonnie Nadler at New York Comic Con Thursday:

Well played, Warner Bros. The only question that remains is what that symbol is meant to mean. Are these gender-neutral restrooms? Alien squid monsters only? Or only for people who have four penises?

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