Alan Moore

One of the most renowned and respected comic book creators of all time, Alan Moore is also a filmmaker, anarchist, and accomplished wizard in service of the snake god Glycon. Bursting onto the comics scene in the 1980s, Moore effectively broke the entire comics industry, which has been trapped in a nostalgic feedback loop since 1986.

From coverage of Moore's seminal work with Dave Gibbons, Watchmen, (not to be confused with Moore's fish-semenal work, Neonomicon) to his current projects and cultural commentary, Bleeding Cool brings you all the latest news about Alan Moore as well as the unauthorized sequels and adaptations of his work. Moore's most famous comics also include From Hell, Swamp Thing, Marvelman, League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, V for Vendetta, Promethea, The Killing Joke, Tom Strong, Providence, Lost Girls, and others.

Of Moore's magickal prowess, the only comic book creator viewed as having comparable magick abilities is fellow Englishman Grant Morrison. However, fellow comic book creator "The Great One" Brian Bendis has gone on the record as saying that Moore could easily defeat Morrison in a wizard battle. "Alan Moore's mage powers are not to be f***ed with,"  Bendis said. It's a lesson DC Comics, which has kept control of the Watchmen rights instead of releasing them to Moore and Gibbons after keeping the book in print for perpetuity to fulfill a contractual loophole, must one day learn as well.

Bryan Talbot Offers Free Comics Compilation Download

Legendary comics artist Bryan Talbot is offering a free download of his rare comics on his official website! This is a gift for everyone stuck in self-isolation. Head over to and you can download a PDF or CBR file of over 90 pages of comics drawn by Bryan. It includes rare stories written by the likes […]

Let's All Read Alan Moore's Proposal for DC Event Comic, Twilight Of The Superheroes

Let's All Read Alan Moore's Proposal for DC Event Comic, Twilight Of The Superheroes

Okay, time for some light coronavirus reading. Twilight of the Superheroes was a series proposal for DC Comics by Alan Moore, written around 1985 and 1986. Differences between Moore and DC, principally over the rights to Watchmen and V For Vendetta, saw him withdraw from the project. It was never published, though aspects have appeared […]

Alan Moore Feature Film, The Show, to Debut at SXSW 2020

SCOOP: Alan Moore's Feature Film, The Show, Has Premiere at SXSW 2020

Alan Moore and Mitch Jenkins have been making the movie The Show for at least ten years. It began life as a burlesque video that Mitch was making but got more elaborate as Alan Moore provided character, backstory, plot and dialogue, then spitting out five short films collectively dubbed Show Pieces, as well as the […]

Alan Moore Calls Resident Alien 'A Pitch Perfect Narrative' – Will You Agree?

Alan Moore called it "a pitch-perfect narrative from two of my favourite creators." Jeff Lemire called it "One of the most charming and wonderful comics being published today." But hardly anyone reads it. That is going to change, fast. Resident Alien by Tom Strong's Peter Hogan and BoJeffries Saga's Steve Parkhouse is published by Dark Horse […]

Alan Moore and Kevin O'Neill's Cinema Purgatorio, In Comic Stores For April

I was just discussing this comic in the pub last night. See if I can remember what I said. So Cinema Purgatorio by Alan Moore and Kevin O'Neill is about a woman in purgatory, condemned to visit a very dodgy cinema, which shows movies that are familiar, but are analytical of movie form, culture and […]

An Ending, A Beginning, And A Continuation

Three Comics: An Ending, A Beginning, And A Continuation

Hellboy Winter Special 2019 by Mike Mignola, Márk László, Dave Stewart, Chris Roberson, Leila del Duca, Michelle Madsen, Scott Allie, Andrea Mutti, Lee Loughridge, and Clem Robins: The real find here is Márk László, who's exaggerated style in "The Miser's Gift" feels like a revelation. Hopefully, Dark Horse can find a Hellboy spinoff for László, […]

Things To Do In London... If You Like Comics - January 2020

Things To Do In London… If You Like Comics – January 2020

Things to do in London in January 2020… if you like comics, of course. And live in, or can get to, that there London. Exhibitions followed by events… let us know if we missed any. Exhibitions: Comic Creators: The Famous and the Forgotten. Special exhibition explores and celebrates the world of comics – from Aly […]

Top 100 Power List of Comics, 2019 Edition

The Complete Bleeding Cool Top 100 Power List of Comics 2019, in Full

Here you go folks, in full, the Top 100 Power List of Comics, 2019 Edition. Every year, Bleeding Cool runs its Top 100 Power List of members of the English-speaking comic book industry, weighted towards the direct market. It is judged by all manner of attributes, the ability to influence what comics exist and sell, […]


"Watchmen": Damon Lindelof Talks Final 3 Eps' "Thermodynamic Miracles" [AUDIO]

Now that HBO's wonderfully authorized pseudo-sequel to [REDACTED] and Dave Gibbons' celebrated comic book series Watchmen has been unveiled to the world – the world likes what it sees from Damon Lindelof's "remix". Even die-hard Watchmen purists appear to be slowly coming around – as they should. Now we've reached season/series finale "See How They […]

Watchmen Returns to the NY Times Bestseller List

Watchmen Returns to the NY Times Bestseller List Thanks to Unauthorised Sequel

The New York Times has released its latest graphic novel bestseller list, and joining Raina Telgemeier, Raina Telgemeier, Raina Telgemeier, Raina Telgemeier, Raina Telgemeier, and Raina Telgemeier is Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons' seminal work Watchmen (not to be confused with Moore's fish-semenal work, Neonomicon). Watchmen takes fifth place on the list, spurred by interest […]

Leah Moore Tells Us All How Comics Broke Alan Moore

Leah Moore Tells Us All How Comics Broke Alan Moore

I have been an admirer of the work of Alan Moore, before I knew who he was, that he was the one who wrote my favourite Captain Britain and 2000AD stories. When I picked up Warrior Magazine and was reading it for V For Vendetta and Marvelman, they mentioned his name and what else he wrote, […]

Grant Morrison Reference Popped Up in HBO Watchmen

Did a Grant Morrison Reference Pop Up in HBO Watchmen?

Bleeding Cool has already published future spoiler teasers from episodes 6,7,8 and 9 of HBO's authorised TV sequel to Watchmen. But it's not just the work of Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons that has been reinterpreted by Damon Lindelof for the small screen. Grant Morrison has had a fractious relationship with Alan Moore, most publically […]