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Dark Crisis Vs Flashpoint Beyond
As the Watchmen snowglobe cracks… …as it does, as it did, as it always will. And may be in the process of being weaponised, just like the worlds of the multiverse by the Great Darkness… And just as Flashpoint Beyond must deal with the Omniverse coming into contact with Hypertime, the world of the Dark Crisis meeting that[...]
One More For The Emergency Moderator Hologram at LFCC - Dave Gibbons
I wonder if I should bring up Watchmensch? SUNDAY 1pm: 45 Years of Thrillpower 2000 AD celebrates its 45th birthday with stalwarts from across the decades Come and find out how 2000 AD has survived and out-lived nearly every single British comic and what lies in store for its future! Dave Gibbons (Dan Dare, Harlem Heroes), John Higgins[...]
Flashpoint Beyond #3
Ever since Batman Damned. And remember how Silhouette's death was portrayed in the Watchmen movie? The comic book just had the line; In 1946, the papers revealed that the Silhouette was living with another woman in a lesbian relationship Schexnayder persuaded us to expel her from the group, and six weeks later, she was murdered, along with[...]
Auto Draft
As part of a massive auction of premium comic books and original artwork at Heritage Auctions, taking place today, with Bleeding Cool covering only a tiny smattering of it, we have one of those rarest things, a page from Watchmen #1 by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons An iconic full shot of the Nite Owl[...]
And for Gunn, it's all about Watchmen co-creator Alan Moore and how he must've felt when his original pitch to use the Charlton line of heroes that DC Comics acquired (like Peacemaker) for "Who Killed the Peacemaker?" was turned down because DC didn't want the characters to be left "either dead or dysfunctional." But instead[...]
BCTV Daily Dispatch
Our line-up of news, reviews, opinions, commentary, and everything in-between for this morning includes another round of coverage from Star Wars Celebration (The Mandalorian, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Ahsoka, Star Wars: Young Jedi Adventures, LEGO Star Wars Summer Vacation & more), Futurama star John DiMaggio clarifying his contract with Hulu, Elon Musk proving he doesn't quite get[...]
Because apparently when you combine a persecution complex, self-pity & a BuzzFeed quiz that tells you which of Alan Moore, Dave Gibbons & John Higgins' Watchmen characters you are, you get today's laughable example of narcissism Apparently hoping to either have the deal done by now or having shuffled off to something else, Musk is[...]
Flashpoint Beyond Tells You What DC Really Stands For
DC Comics has issued a preview of the upcoming Flashpoint Beyond #0 by Geoff Johns, Eduardo Risso, Trish Mulvihill, and Rob Leigh, featuring Batman, the characters Mime and Marionette from Watchmen sequel Doomsday Clock. The full preview runs below, and in all DC Comics titles out on the weeks of the 29th of March and the 5th[...]
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Moore has spoken about this before, including to Bleeding Cool's Adi Tantimedh, now Gibbons will be telling his version. Dave Gibbons' Confabulation: An Anecdotal Autobiography For 2022 This comprehensive, in-depth, and personal journey through the eyes of one of the world's most famous comics creators spans his earliest years copying Superman and Batman comics as a kid, to[...]
All Twelve Issues Of Watchmen 9.8 CGC Auctioned Individually Today
Today sees Heritage Auction lists, individually, all twelve issues of Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons' Watchmen, the comic book that changes the medium Once seen as the holy of holies And for a comic that I picked up in the bargain bins in the early nineties, every issue selling for above its cover price –[...]
And this year's TCA winter press event was no exception, with Bloys chiming in on the announced Six Feet Under & True Blood revivals, the future The CW's Arrowverse/Metaverse series, Westworld, Watchmen, and True Detective And while what Bloys has to say is pretty direct and to the point, there was definitely a surprise or[...]
Dave Gibbons Draws Rorschach For DC Comics One More Time
So much heart." And it will also contain a pin-up by Dave Gibbons or his most famous creation, Rorschach from Watchmen The first time he has returned to the character for DC Comics/Warners for over a decade And a tribute that comes from the heart. Batman/Catwoman Special pin-up by Dave Gibbons BATMAN CATWOMAN SPECIAL #1 (ONE SHOT) CVR[...]
David Bowie Covers in Television Shows - Top Five
While it's impossible to pick the best David Bowie song, performance, or even cover – here's a collection of the best uses of the music of the "Thin White Duke" in television shows- from Netflix's Stranger Things, FX's American Horror Story, and HBO's Watchmen to SYFY's The Magicians and MTV's MTV Unplugged. Images: Netflix/SYFY/Screencaps Stranger Things –[...]
Flash #776 Is The Comic That Tells You What To Do
It has been observed (sometimes by me) that the powers of Dr Manhattan in Watchmen are basically the powers of the average reader of a comic book We can read it in any order we like, go back, flick forward, experience time as we choose rather than how the characters live it or how the[...]
cowboy bebop
And while serious props should be given to Shakir and Pineda, it's Cho who stepped up to show everyone that even a pandemic and a serious injury wouldn't be enough to keep him from a role he was born to play. Images: Netflix/HBO And why did it succeed? Because whether Nemec, the producers, and the streaming service[...]