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David Bowie Covers in Television Shows - Top Five
While it's impossible to pick the best David Bowie song, performance, or even cover – here's a collection of the best uses of the music of the "Thin White Duke" in television shows- from Netflix's Stranger Things, FX's American Horror Story, and HBO's Watchmen to SYFY's The Magicians and MTV's MTV Unplugged. Images: Netflix/SYFY/Screencaps Stranger Things –[...]
Flash #776 Is The Comic That Tells You What To Do
It has been observed (sometimes by me) that the powers of Dr Manhattan in Watchmen are basically the powers of the average reader of a comic book We can read it in any order we like, go back, flick forward, experience time as we choose rather than how the characters live it or how the[...]
cowboy bebop
And while serious props should be given to Shakir and Pineda, it's Cho who stepped up to show everyone that even a pandemic and a serious injury wouldn't be enough to keep him from a role he was born to play. Images: Netflix/HBO And why did it succeed? Because whether Nemec, the producers, and the streaming service[...]
Dave Gibbons & Alan Moore Watchmen #8 Original Page Up for Auction
I remember when Comic Showcase in London's Seven Dials district used to sell original artwork from Watchmen, V for Vendetta and Marvelman from £40 to £80 each I picked up a couple of pages from Marvelman, only to have them stolen from me on the train home Yeah, exactly Anyway, that was the eighties for[...]
The Human Target - A Much Better Sequel To Watchmen Than The Others
It's The Human Target time! Tom King as a writer is one heavily influenced by Watchmen and if anyone was going to do Rorschach, it would be him After all, in recent years we have had a number of unauthorised sequels and prequels to Watchmen DC Comics gave us a bevy of Before Watchmen prequels[...]
Angela takes that next step on Watchmen, courtesy of HBO.
Look, we've made no bones about the fact that we would love to see either a second season or an expansion of HBO and Damon Lindelof's Watchmen universe In our minds, we envisioned Lindelof as an over-arching executive producer who opens up the sandbox to up-and-coming writers and directors to tell their tales Do we[...]
Dr. Manhattan from Watchmen (Image: HBO).
An easy mark, perhaps, but the score to the drama evolves just as the show does and makes the music undeniably effective, if not a tad heavy-handed at times. Watchmen (Image: HBO) 2) "Watchmen": Similar to both Stranger Things and Westworld, Watchmen features a soundtrack filled with both an iconic strong score featuring memorable motifs and re-done[...]
I May Destroy You Gives Television Its First Watchmen
This article below originally ran over a year ago, celebrating the launch of I May Destroy You, Michaela Coel's BBC TV drama that focused on sexual assault, but also reinvented the television drama, in much the same way that Watchmen did the superhero comic book thirty-five years ago I described I May Destroy You as[...]
Rorschach Did It 35 Minutes Ago (Rorschach #12 Spoilers)
Rorschach, the unauthorised sequel to Watchmen, by Tom King and Jorge Fornes reaches its conclusion today, with the final issue #12 from DC Comics Including a guest appearance from the creative team… Rorschach #12 by Tom King and Jorge Fornes. The series has followed an unnamed detective, following the threads of an attempted assassination of the Republican[...]
Dr Manhattan's Buttock? Watchmen Original Art Pages At Auction Today
Two original artwork pages from Watchmen, and two original artwork pages from V For Vendetta go under the hammer from Heritage Auctions today as part of a lot of over a hundred premium comic book artwork pages enough to make a grown comic book fan weep One page from Watchmen #3 with Silk Spectre and[...]
Tom King Confirms Rorschach Needs To Wear His Mask
Tom King is the writer of Rorschach, the twelve-issue unauthorised Watchmen sequel drawn by Jorge Fornes, currently being published by DC Comics With one issue to go, he has also been attending Awesome Con in his home town of Washington DC Although not everything went smoothly for this ex-CIA agent-turned-comic book writer He tweeted out[...]
Cover image for RORSCHACH #11 (OF 12) CVR A JORGE FORNES (MR)
Rorschach #11 is in stores from DC Comics on Tuesday, the penultimate issue of this unauthorized sequel to Watchmen by Tom King and Jorge Fornes Go ahead and screw over Alan Moore by reading the preview below, Watchmenbronies! RORSCHACH #11 (OF 12) DC Comics 0621DC138 0621DC139 – RORSCHACH #11 (OF 12) CVR B ARTHUR ADAMS VAR (MR) – $4.99 (W)[...]
James Gunn Likes "Stupid Watchmen" Description Of The Suicide Squad
But nevertheless, I did find it amusing that he chose to "Like" my description of the movie as "Stupid Watchmen" in a non-spoiler The Suicide Squad review I wrote yesterday ahead of its general release in the US this week I mean, I did totally mean it in a positive way, Zack Snyder's movie gets[...]
The Suicide Squad: A New Poster, 2 Clips, and 4 HQ Images
The character that originally inspired Watchmen's Comedian, here he is more the opposite of Rorschach, absolutist in the other direction.  In that case, Peter Capaldi's Thinker is playing the role of a Nazi Ozymandius, and it is Rick Flag who becomes the All-American Rorschach And oh look, they all got to fight a massive squid[...]
HBO Max – WarnerMedia’s New Streaming Service (Official Promo) | WarnerMedia
HBO Max is tapping Oscar Sharp, Damon Lindelof (Lost, Watchmen), and Matt Reeves (The Batman, Planet of the Apes films) to develop a magical-realist medical drama called The Human Conditions The series follows a young British doctor who must learn to treat impossible, fantastical illnesses by healing the emotional issues that underlie them — and[...]