White Supremacist Spotted On CNN Wearing Hydra T-Shirt

A screencap of a CNN broadcast is making the rounds on social media tonight, showing a white supremacist wearing a Hydra t-shirt.

The shirt was noticed by Anthony Oliveira, part of footage provided to CNN by Vice from a profile on neo-Nazi leader Chris Cantwell which has been airing all night. Oliveira tweeted:

Prompting this question from Tess Fowler, and an answer:

The comic writer in question, we can only assume, is Secret Empire writer Nick Spencer, who once said:


And Oliveira pointed out that he discussed this topic with Spencer before, preserved in a previous Bleeding Cool article.

But the t-shirt in question does not appear to be the same one Marvel wanted comic store employees to wear to promote their super-mega-crossover event. That was this one:

The real-life Nazi seems to be wearing this t-shirt:

And the major retailers its sold at seem to indicate it's an officially licensed product.

But it's also not the first sign that real-life Nazis find Hydra Captain America inspiring. Videos of the violence in Charlottesville last weekend showed Nazis wearing helmets with Captain America wings on them.

Spencer has argued that white supremacists don't like his Captain America story.


But white supremacists don't need to read the story to be inspired by imagery like this, shared on websites and social media.

We reached out to Nick Spencer for comment on this story, but he has not responded as of press time.

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