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Cleveland Browns Last Made The Playoffs In 2002, A Comics Perspective
X-Men, Marvel NOW!, Age of Ultron, Infinity, Battle of the Atom, Original Sin, Spider-Verse, Secret Wars, All New All Different, Civil War 2, Secret Empire, Marvel Legacy, Infinity Wars, War of Realms, Absolute Carnage, Powers of X, House of X Whew. –The New 52 was not launched for another eight years It started in September 2011. -The[...]
Deadpool #2 [Preview]
And so of course he shows up to interfere in Deadpool's plans. Deadpool reluctantly agrees to talk to Steve. But it isn't long before Rogers reveals that he may not have left all that Secret Empire, secret Nazi stuff behind after all, because Captain America is clearly bigoted against monsters. In a universe that is constantly being shattered[...]
Fake News in Action in Next Week's Captain America #9
Didn't he read Secret Empire? And sure, one could argue that that was technically an alternate version of Steve (despite the claims of Nick Spencer and Tom Brevoort to the contrary), but honestly, the signs were there even before Secret Empire Didn't anyone read Avengers vs X-Men? Captain America has always been a secret Nazi. Journalistic[...]
Can Nazi Captain America Buy a Presidential Pardon From Donald Trump?
BECAUSE U DEMANDED IT! Nazi Steve Rogers, the alternate version of the titular Captain (or is he the real version?) from Secret Empire is back in next week's issue of Captain America Will he be busting out of jail, on his own or with help from Cap's other enemies? Well, not quite. Alexa Lukin has arranged[...]
You Hail Hydra One Time… Next Week's Black Widow #1
Two words that forever changed the history of Captain America in Nick Spencer's political magnum opus, Secret Empire But, that was more than 2 years ago Just because a character turned out to have always been a secret Nazi and then takes over America under the banner of his neo-Nazi hate group, does that mean[...]
The Hulk Still Hasn't Gotten Over Secret Empire (Immortal Hulk #7 Preview)
Secret Empire Nick Spencer's magnum opus is still a sore spot for many Marvel fans, one of the few events in recent comics history that seemed to equally offend those on both the left and the right for turning Captain America into a Nazi Spencer has moved on to what we're forced to admit is[...]
Captain America #2 cover by Alex Ross
This is an interesting time in Steve's life, and I'm glad that this book is confronting Secret Empire instead of trying to avoid it That's not to say that Mark Waid's stint on the title was bad; the opposite is true However, it did feel like book intent on ignoring the screaming elephant in the[...]
The Punisher #226 cover by Clayton Crain
He has a lot of guilt leftover from his taking their side in Secret Empire, and he intends to rectify that by wiping the fascist organization from the face of the Earth He starts by using CIA information to track down the whereabouts of one Baron Helmut Zemo With the War Machine armor's arsenal at[...]
Doctor Strange: Damnation #1 cover by Rod Reis
[rwp-review-recap id="0"] With the Avengers helping mourn and honor the fallen in Las Vegas from Secret Empire, Doctor Strange arrives to offer a ray of hope He has regained his expansive powers and resurrects the parts of Las Vegas that fell, its citizens included Joyous celebration quickly turns to shock and horror when the Hotel Inferno,[...]
Hydra Cap Funko Hot Topic Exclusive Variant
Feeling nostalgic for a bygone historical era? Missed out on getting your hands on one of those Hydra shirts Marvel was pushing on retailers? Well, you're in luck! Now you can own your very own Hydra Cap Funko, as the villain of Marvel's Secret Empire super-mega-crossover event returns as a tiny, adorable, vinyl fascist with[...]
Hydra Cap Funko Hot Topic Exclusive Variant
And Groot with a beard is amazing. Marvel Contest of Champions Funko Pop Exclusives #gallery-2 { margin: auto; } #gallery-2 .gallery-item { float: left; margin-top: 10px; text-align: center; width: 50%; } #gallery-2 img { border: 2px solid #cfcfcf; } #gallery-2 .gallery-caption { margin-left: 0; } /* see gallery_shortcode() in wp-includes/media.php */ Whelp, there it is — a Secret Empire Captain America toy Did not think we would ever see any merch made from[...]
rose city comic con
You will be banned from coming to RCCC for life." Banning Nazi cosplay sounds like a no-brainer of a good idea, but we are forced to wonder: what about retailers wearing those Marvel Secret Empire promotional Hydra t-shirts? Rose City Comic Con has changed its costume policy to ban "reminders of unspeakable atrocities," including "Old School[...]
Secret Empire: Omega #1- One Last Pass Through Secret Empire
[rwp-review-recap id="0"] Secret Empire: Omega So, we're at the other end of this now My opinions on Secret Empire have been made abundantly clear There's no reason to revisit it, let alone review Secret Empire: Omega. So, we're going to review Secret Empire: Omega Because I am not only a masochist but a curious masochist as well. That, and[...]
Brevoort: Parts Of Secret Empire "Made The Right People Unhappy And Upset"
ABC hosted its final Secret Empire livestream Thursday to talk about the events of Secret Empire Omega and the aftermath of the series Being gluttons for punishment, we watched it to hastily transcribe the comments of Marvel guests Tom Brevoort, Alanna Smith, and Nick Spencer. Here are the highlights: Brevoort, on how Secret Empire ended: It turns out[...]
Secret Empire #10 Review: The Destination Was Not Worth The Journey
[rwp-review-recap id="0"] Secret Empire #10 is finally here, and the behemoth steamroller of an event from Marvel and writer Nick Spencer is finally over And after the writer and publishers' constant calls to wait and see, to read every issue no matter what your initial reaction is, and ideally spend hundreds of dollars on the various spinoffs[...]
The Mighty Captain Marvel #8 Review- The End Of Quasar…Again
[rwp-review-recap id="0"] The Mighty Captain Marvel #8 *Ties in to the Secret Empire crossover Man, heroes named Quasar just can't catch a break anymore, can they? The Mighty Captain Marvel and her band of heroes find themselves at the end of their Secret Empire conflict The Chitauri have them at the end of their rope They're broken, desperate, and[...]
secret empire #10
Secret Empire #10 has been and gone Some folks died Some folks survived Some folks were raised from the dead We've tallied up a few — who else needs including? Rick Jones: DEAD Killed by firing squad, at the command of Hydra Captain America. There is a scene showing him as one of the scars that Kobik left in[...]
Mad magazine
I wanted it printed on my eyelids so I can see it when I go to sleep. One of my favorite things about it is that the people who have no problem with sheriff deputies and beat police officers decked out like freaking marines will probably not understand the screaming subtleties of this picture. This is admittedly[...]
secret empire #10
[rwp-review-recap id="0"] Secret Empire #10 This is it This is the big one In the wise words of Red Foxx: "I'm coming, Elizabeth." Or at least, I would be if this were nearly as bad as I feared it would be. With Secret Empire #10, for the first time, Secret Empire actually surprised me Considering this is the ending, that[...]
secret empire
So that was Secret Empire #10 We had a few thoughts and questions But Deadpool #35 by Gerry Duggan, Mike Hawthorne, Terry Pallot, and Ruth Redmond has actually gone and answered one of them What happens to the Captain Hydra character, now defeated and knocked to the ground by Captain America And how will the public[...]
secret empire
Or, at least, inevitable. Just ask Secret Empire writer Nick Spencer, who responded on Twitter to Marvel spoiling the ending to Secret Empire in the New York Times. One idea: don't spoil the ending in the New York Times But that ship has sailed One intrepid follower had a response for Spencer: Bleeding Cool Spoilermonger-in-Chief Rich Johnston. No[...]
doctor strange comic
[rwp-review-recap id="0"] So, we've finally reached the end of the Secret Empire tie-in to the Doctor Strange comic Strange, Spider Woman, Kingpin, and Ben Urich have reached their climactic showdown with Baron Mordo Spider Woman is in a ghost plane, Fisk has been possessed by a shadow demon, and Urich is in a divine white suit of[...]
captain america
But what if a character's legacy has been irreparably tarnished? When Captain America returns to Legacy numbering of #695 in November, writer Mark Waid and Chris Samnee will aim to put a fist through the smug face of the damaged reputation of Steve Rogers in the wake of Cap's fascist adventures in Secret Empire. "Our issues are[...]
White Supremacist Spotted On CNN Wearing Hydra T-Shirt — Anthony Oliveira (@meakoopa) August 17, 2017 Prompting this question from Tess Fowler, and an answer: No it couldn't be then that would mean a certain comic book writer was wrong, and he's never wrong 😒 — Erika Price (@erikapriceart) August 17, 2017 The comic writer in question, we can only assume, is Secret Empire writer Nick Spencer, who[...]