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Truth About Kindred, Harry Osborn & Mephisto in Amazing Spider-Man #73
This week saw the release of Amazing Spider-Man #74, Nick Spencer's final issue on a three-year run on the series Which, as well as giving Peter Parker a new look at his life, new friends and enemies, and getting back together with Mary Jane Watson, also put the character through the wringer Targeted by Kindred,[...]
Mephisto's Plan For Spider-Man Finally Revealed This Week (Spoilers)
Mephisto time! Okay, so there are going to be tonnes of spoilers out of this week's Amazing Spider-Man #74, as Nick Spencer's run on the series comes to an end Revelations are made, people die, others live and revelations are… revealed So here's just one tiny spoiler for now that tackles the role of Mephisto[...]
Kindred's Own Sins Past In Amazing Spider-Man #73 (Spoilers)
Everything you knew was a lie! Everything you knew was wrong! Twists, turns, deep dives into Spider-Man history that necessitated a return to Marvel Unlimited! Welcome to Amazing Spider-Man #73! Amazing Spider-Man #73 Amazing Spider-Man writer Nick Spencer has been setting up Kindred as an ultimate foe for Spider-Man, the Harry Osborne who went to hell, and[...]
Interior preview page from AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #73 SINW
Amazing Spider-Man #73 by Nick Spencer, Federico Vicentini, Ze Carlos, Carlos Gomez, Alex Sinclair and Jo Caramagna is published by Marvel Comics this Wednesday. AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #73 SINW MARVEL COMICS JUN210539 (W) Nick Spencer (A) Federico Vicentini (CA) Mark Bagley • We can't tell you a single thing that happens here without spoiling just about every issue that comes out[...]
One More Day One More Time In Sinister War #1 (Spoi
Nick Spencer has been picking at the One More Day wound, repeatedly, during his run, before ripping the scab off completely and pouring on the salt In Sinister War #1 out today, however, it's more like pouring on the battery acid Harry Osborn has been revealed as Kindred, a demonic creature manipulating Parker's life.  That has[...]
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Curt Connors, also known as The Lizard, who has been dealing with his… condition. And recalling Amazing Spider-Man #2 at the beginning of Nick Spencer's run when Spider-Man was split into two individuals, the more devil-may-care Spider-Man and the more conscientious Peter Parker And with the same thing suddenly happening to the good Doctor. Say, is this[...]
Nick Spencer Swaps Spider-Man For Substack, Daily LITG 19th June 2021
You can sign up to receive it as an e-mail here. Nick Spencer Swaps Spider-Man For Substack – The Daily LITG, 19th June 2021 The world keeps turning, and America is beginning to heal from all the burns Even if a few scabs need pulling off first. Brand New Day for Spider-Man as Nick Spencer Swings Off Into[...]
The cover to Amazing Spider-Man #74 by Patrick Gleason, the final issue to be written by Nick Spencer
Many years ago, way back in 2018, Donald Trump was president, Corona was known as little more than overpriced imported pisswater,  and Nick Spencer was about to launch a new run on Amazing Spider-Man with Invincible artist Ryan Ottley The run was successful in rehabbing Spencer's image somewhat from the disaster that was Secret Empire[...]
Nick Spencer and Substack Have Teamed Up to Launch a Comics Imprint
So substack has hired Nick Spencer as an ambassador to try to get other comic book creators to sign up. "We see anything that shows promise as a priority, and fiction is starting to show promise," said Substack co-founder Hamish McKenzie in the article The article implies that Substack is making deals specifically with writers, mentioning[...]
Marvel Comics July 2021 Solicitations
And giving us the line "Two of the most deadly villain teams are fighting both Spidey and each other, but what is Kindred's role in all this?" Somebody is whispering in all their ears… and Marvel Comics will be playing out the results through July and August. SINISTER WAR #1 (OF 4) NICK SPENCER (W) • MARK[...]
Amazing Spider-Man #60 - Marriage, Mary Jane, Mysterio And M...?
Will Kindred be the original soul of Harry Osborn, rotting in hell since then, and never actually revived for Brand New Day? And will we see Peter and Mary's Schrödinger's Daughter again? AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #60 MARVEL COMICS DEC200589 (W) Nick Spencer (A/CA) Mark Bagley Peter and Mary Jane have been through so much… Spider-Man has been a constant strain on[...]
Tomorrow's Amazing Spider-Man #60 Revisits One More Day
Nick Spencer's run on Amazing Spider-Man, currently being drawn by classic Spider-Man artist Mark Bagley, has featured the demon Kindred, who has been torturing Peter Parker through his friends Revealed to be his old friend Harry Osborn, how he became Kindred is unknown It is Bleeding Cool's conjecture that this is the old Harry Osborn[...]
Reveaked: Spider-Man's Brand New Costume For 2021
And as his old black costume causes havoc with Venom in The King In Black, in Amazing Spider-Man', Peter Parker is getting a brand new silvery gold look, courtesy of writer Nick Spencer and artist Patrick Gleason. Credit: Marvel Over the years, Spider-Man has donned a host of iconic costumes from his classics digs to the black[...]
Spider-Man and Dracula Motherf**ker Top Diamond October 2020 Charts
Additionally, there's a tremendous amount of variety in the marketplace at the moment, and we continue to see this exhibited in our lists of Top Sellers each month." Nick Spencer and Ryan Ottley's Amazing Spider-Man #49 was the most-ordered comic of October through Diamond Comic Distributors Marvel Comics had eight titles in October's top ten Image[...]
Nick Spencer Writes One More Day In Amazing Spider-Man #53
And less of an evil grin from Carley as well. But there is one specific scene from the original that is not reprised, with Peter Parker choosing an appropriate toast to the returning friend. Art from Amazing Spider-Man #545 "Speak of the devil" … might that have been too much on the nose? AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #53 LAST MARVEL COMICS SEP200617 (W) Nick[...]