Why Mario Gully Sold Ant

Why Mario Gully Sold AntLast week, Bleeding Cool told how you Ant creator Mario Gully had been charged and had plead guilty to robbery, with sentencing scheduled for January.

He gave an interview to the original source of the story, Jake Estrada, in which he told the whole sorry circumstances, including his decision to change his name from Mario Gully to OMG.

I've loved Image since it's conception. It was hard. It just wasn't what I thought. I'll keep it at that. Then towards the end of my Ant run.. I got help from people that were more unexperienced then I was. They promised me all kinds of stuff like, Action figures, Video games and shit like that. I had no choice but to bite because I couldn't figure out how to draw, write, ink and color edit my book and keep funds flowing in. They gave me a little bit of money and I thought things were gonna be ok. It wasn't ok. Image had problems with my people and rightly so. They were just using me for my success. I was put on opposite sides of one of my mentors Erik Larsen and I just lost it. I mean, honestly all that was left is me being "black listed" from comics all together. People was talking for me because Mario allowed that shit. Thats when I decided to pester Marvel for work. It was because shit was so fucked up that I wanted a break. Marvel treated me good but I honestly was very disappointed with the titles they put me on. Either I wasn't " great" enough or I drew too fast because I thought making deadlines were the most important thing. So I made sure I turned in my penciled pages a week early most of the time. I may have fucked that up. I don't know.

Myself and my nephew with his pregnant girl and two kids was planning to move to Colorado. We drove with plans to relocate. Well, it was cold and I knew this chic in Vegas I was talking to. We were kinda serious so we figured we would move there for a while. Bad move! On the way there it was snowing. I brought my car in Miami and I had low profile tires on it. I tried to pass a semi truck in the slushy snow and I hit "black ice" i'm told and spun and rolled the car a couple times. That was the beginning of the worst. I was in bad shape and financially I was helping my nephew and I had to get my kids. I made a deal and sold Ant. Yes I sold Ant to get my kids to Vegas. myself and that girl didn't work out and we winded up almost homeless after I dropped a lot of cash on our place and her kids.

I was in a tight so I decided to do something dumb. I left my kids over a chic's house I met and I went to make some fast loot for rent. Yes. It was that simple.I was frustrated and after all the shit I been though. Bad marriage, Bad religion.. Loosing all my shit. Crashing my Benz. Thoughts of killing myself. finding out my close family members wasn't there when I needed them the most. It really fucked me up. I had my kids with me and I just wanted them to have a place to sleep.

I had no money. No phone and no way of talking to anybody. So I started focusing again. Drawing Marvel characters for cookies and shit just like I did years earlier. I became popular and my mentally was moving in a positive direction. I made some friends and I concentrated on what I wanted the rest of my life to look like. I wrote my kids and told them I would never fuck them up like that again. Long story short the D.A was told by my public defender that I was a comic book creator and it just so happened that the D.A was a comic book fan. I speak the truth. I got a sweet deal and here I am.

At Bleeding Cool, we wish OMG the best in trying to pull things together again.

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