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Will The New Walking Dead Deluxe #1 Hit $300 Today?
Not only has the show expanded to include super-rare variant covers from Image Comics – which carry a $74.99 SRP and routinely re-sell for $300 – but he even launched the show's first stream on the popular WhatsNot app and continues to rise in prominence with some of the biggest comics influencers. And Big Clutch recently[...]
The cover to Ordinary Gods #1
Image Comics has announced a new series launching this July by Kyle Higgins and Felipe Watanabe Ordinary Gods is the name, and a press release from Image has the details. The cover to Ordinary Gods #1 Perfect for fans of Greg Rucka and Leandro Fernández's The Old Guard and Donny Cates and Geoff Shaw's God Country, this[...]
Die #16 ultra-mega-EXXXCLUSIVE UK Retailer appreciation variant cover from Image Comics
Image Comics unveiled the art for what it calls "a highly collectible" variant cover for Die #16 by Kieron Gillen and Stephanie Hans The variant will be EXXXCLUSIVE for Diamond UK Direct Market accounts "as a Thank You and is designed to benefit our international partners during an exceptionally difficult period for independently-owned businesses," a[...]
The cover to The Essential Guide to Comic Book Lettering
Did you know there are all sorts of fancy rules and theories that go into the craft of comic book lettering? Well, one of the industry's foremost letterers, Nate Piekos, will explain it all to you in the forthcoming Image Comics release, The Essential Guide to Comic Book Lettering The book is… hey, where are[...]
While the clip below does another fine job in conveying the violence and intensity that's translated over from the comics- but this time, the series makes sure to throw out some "Worf fanfic" love to Michael Dorn's Battle Beast- and more. Image: Screencap Here's your look at the newest teaser, and make sure you stay all the[...]
On Thursday, THR reported that Netflix is looking to develop Henderson and artist Lee Garbett's upcoming Image Comics comic book Shadecraft to series Set to premiere later this month, the comics book focuses on 16-year-old Zadie Lu, who finds herself not only dealing with regular high school problems but also this feeling that the shadows[...]
"It is grounded, but in principle, more than 'The Boys,' it celebrates what makes superheroes special, in my opinion." (Image: Skybound/Amazon Prime) For Kirkman and Walker, the idea was to offer readers an epic superhero story that would plant its flag in every type of superhero story that readers have come to know[...]
Invincible is coming soon from Amazon Prime (Image: Skybound/Amazon Prime)
With the series set to premiere on Friday, March 26, with three episodes (followed by weekly drops for the remaining five episodes) and an official trailer expected this Friday, viewers are getting another look at artwork from the series- this time, on display in comic book form. Image: Skybound Set to release next month, a limited-edition re-release[...]
Rain Like Hammers, Iyashikei, & the Art of Serenity Through Comics
However, one of its founding members has managed to create a beautifully adaptive and unnerving version called Rain Like Hammers, released by Image Comics. Rain Like Hammers Page Credit: Image Comics Brandon Graham got his start in the comic book world, drawing pornographic comics, and slowly moved through various professional tiers before eventually arriving at Image Comics[...]
Invincible: Amazon Animated Series
From there, we saw a clip (with some of the screencap preview images below, and the clip following) offering a preview of Mark Hamill as Art before the big reveal: the series will premiere the series on Friday, March 26, with 3 episodes- followed by weekly drops for the remaining five episodes (and a full[...]
Power Pack #1 Review:
As one of the most unique-looking books on the shelves, this new offering from Image Comics seems guaranteed to catch many curious eyes But will the story be able to hold their interest? Home Sick Pilots #1 cover Credit: Image Comics Home Sick Pilots #1 introduces a group of teenagers that are in a band from which[...]
Power Pack #1 Review:
Big Girls by Jason Howard, with letters by Fonografiks, has been one of the most consistently thrilling and thought-provoking releases from Image Comics this year With this fifth issue, can Howard maintain that incredible quality? Big Girls #5 cover Credit: Image Comics Big Girls #5 is essentially a huge fight issue, functioning as a climax to most of the story[...]
Frank at Home #1 Review:
The Scumbag, Rick Remender's new series from Image Comics, is a gross-out superhero (kinda) satirical comic that imbues a nasty, soiled-pantsed drug addict with the power to save the world While Remender writes the whole thing, each issue is set to feature a different artist. The Scumbag #2 is drawn by Andrew Robinson, colored by Moreno Dinisio, and lettered[...]
Epic Meal Time's Harley Morenstein: YouTube Creator Spotlight
Credit: Image Comics In the best issue of Stillwater yet, Chip Zdarsky gives the comics industry a master class on how to dole out exposition After two issues of establishing that no one dies in this town without allowing the reader or narrator to get any more information, Zdarsky flips the script this issue[...]