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PrintWatch: Eight Billion Genies Are Killing The Children, It's Grim!
Image Comics looks to have finally lifted their reprinting freeze with new printings of Eight Billion Genies #1-4, the series that sees Charles Soule and Ryan Browne reunited after Curse Words. With the paper shortage, supply chain crunch, yadda yadda woes seemingly easing up, it's no wonder Image finally granted retailer wishes when this hot new[...]
HS Tak and Isabella Mazzanti are teaming up for a new historical fiction story at Image Comics, Hitomi, this October The series is set in feudal Japan and stars a female warrior looking to earn the title of Samurai, which is normally reserved only for men and rabbits Hitomi is described as "combining the historical[...]
Halloween Party
Brian Posehn, Gerry Duggan, and Scott Koblish will reunite for Halloween Party, a one-shot Image comic hitting stores in October Halloween Party is described as a "hilarious love-letter to everything terrifying," which just so happens to be one of the Five Essential Comic Book Pitches Every Creator Needs If They Want to Land an Image[...]
Wes Craig Launches Kaya at Image Comics This October
Wes Craig will launch a new "astonishing fantasy-adventure" comic at Image Comics this October Kaya is described as "the story of siblings surviving in a world of monsters and mutants," which just so happens to be one of the Five Essential Comic Book Pitches Every Creator Needs If They Want to Land an Image Series[...]
David Messina Launches 3Keys at Image Comics in October
David Messina will write and draw a new creator-owned series at Image Comics, 3keys, launching in October Messina describes 3keys as "a declaration of love toward pop culture," which just so happens to be one of the Five Essential Comic Book Pitches Every Creator Needs If They Want to Land an Image Series About One[...]
Ice Cream Man, Stray Dogs, Spawn & Skybound X - Image SDCC Exclusives
Image Comics has the following San Diego Comic-Con SDCC exclusive variant covers at their Image Comics booth #1915 at the show Though they state that "quantities will be limited by customer and per day on a first-come, first-served basis Please ask at the Image booth about availability." And you can check for updates here. Ice Cream[...]
Image Comics will publish Flawed by Chuck Brown and Prenzy this September, the company revealed in a press release ahead of their solicits drop Described as "Kill Bill" meets "Nailbiter," the comic is about a vigilante who fights criminals with both violence and psychiatry, which just so happens to be one of the Five Essential[...]
Attack Peter Returns to Comics Vault Live With New Oblivion Song Cover & Print
I'm still hoping Big Clutch wants to send me some of those, monster or not, as a gift with purchase… OBLIVION SONG BY KIRKMAN & DE FELICI #36 IMAGE COMICS NOV210233 (W) Robert Kirkman (A) Annalisa Leoni (A/CA) Lorenzo De Felici SERIES FINALE It's all been leading to this The war with the Kuthaal has ended, but who is the[...]
Preview Prophet #1 Remastered from Rob Liefeld & His Amazing Friends
Today, Image released a full color preview of some artwork from inside Prophet #1 Remastered, which features other artists working from Liefeld's layouts to reproduce the comic. From the press release: Rob Liefeld and Image Comics have teamed up to celebrate the 30th Anniversary of Prophet with an a remastered version of Prophet #1 drawn by an[...]
Erica Schultz and Carola Borelli Deliver The Deadliest Bouquet
The Deadliest Bouquet is a new series coming to Image Comics in August by Erica Schultz, Carola Borelli, and Gab Contreras And it's not, as the name implies, about farts The five-issue mini-series will blend the feels of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Charmed, and Charlie's Angels with late 90s nostalgia, so it's sure to appeal[...]
Golden Rage to Combine Golden Girls with Battle Royale in August
Golden Rage is a new series launching at Image Comics in August by Chrissy Williams, Lauren Knight, Sofie Dodgson, Becca Carey, and Joamette Gil that claims to bring the character dynamics of the Golden Girls to the survival combat of Battle Royale The five-issue mini-series depicts a world where women are abandoned by society when[...]
Oblivion Song #36 First Look
Where does the time go? It's also the last time Image gets paid for an issue of Oblivion Song, which is why they're charging you $5.99 for this one. Image Comics has sent out an unlettered preview of the final issue, Oblivion Song #36 From the press release: LOS ANGELES 05/19/2022 – Today Image/Skybound unveiled a first[...]
More Details on The Last Shadowhawk from Image Comics in August
We've known since 2021 that Image would publish The Last Shadowhawk in August, and we've even seen a cover featuring various other iconic Image heroes, at least the ones willing to work without a union, but beyond that, we didn't know much For example, would it be an ongoing series, a mini-series, or a one-shot?[...]
Tom King & Elsa Charretier's Love Everlasting.
What could be better than reading Love Everlasting, the creator-owned series by Tom King and Elsa Charretier, for free on Substack? How about paying to read it in analog form from Image Comics? Okay, you know what, we may not have thought that one fully through, but it's too late to back out of this[...]
Lovesick: Luana Vecchio Expands Image Comics' Line of Pig Erotica
Italian comic book artist Luana Vecchio is bringing her "dark sexploitation" comic Lovesick to Image Comics this fall The comic is described as "a disturbing exploration of snuff movies, dark web, and the seedy underbelly of humanity," which means that it is one of the Five Essential Comic Book Pitches Every Creator Needs If They[...]