Apex Legends Pauses September Soiree Due To Server Crashing Bug

Respawn Entertainment just had one of the shortest events ever after a bug caused the servers to crash in Apex Legends. In case you weren't aware, the company launched the September Soiree yesterday, featuring a weird theme of Dummies Big Day, where competitors must pick a color and survive while using surprise abilities and ultimates. After that, the event was supposed to have a different fan favorite mode return every Tuesday of September. The dummies mode is kind of weird in the sense that you're basically all the same shape with different colors and no real reasoning why. Well, that mode came to an end within 24 hours after it was discovered the mode had a bug in it that crashed the game. This tweet went out today about the Soiree being put on hold.

What was Dummies Big Day supposed to do in Apex Legends? Courtesy of Respawn Entertainment.
What was Dummies Big Day supposed to do in Apex Legends? Courtesy of Respawn Entertainment.

We're hitting pause on the party. After Dummies Big Day went live, we discovered a bug that caused server crashes if a player AFKed on character select. For the health of the game and our players, we're turning it off and working on a fix with details to come as we have them.

As of the time we're writing this article, the event has not been brought back online, nor has the new mode. We'd say its a classic tale of "look before you leap", but considering the fact that they had to test this mode a ton before it ever made its way into the game is kind of weird in itself. We're guessing if it isn't fixed in the next 24 hours, the company will probably launch a different mode early and bring this one back later in the month after they've ironed out all the wrinkles. We'll see how it plays out.

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