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Apex Legends Reveals Latest Hero Mad Maggie Coming In February
Respawn Entertainment dropped a new video today showing off Mad Maggie, the latest character on the way to Apex Legends Maggie is a bit of a wildcard in this game when it comes to characters and their development, as she's been teased for a minute but all indications pointed to the idea that she was[...]
Apex Legends Unveils Dark Depths Event Coming Next Tuesday
Respawn Entertainment has released new info for the Dark Depths event that will be coming to Apex Legends next Tuesday, January 11th The event will run for a few weeks all the way until February 1st, and will include a new Arenas map for you to traverse As well as themed cosmetics and several Flash[...]
Apex Legends Releases Stories From The Outlands: Gridiron
Respawn Entertainment has released a new video for Apex Legends as we get to see Stories From The Outlands: Gridiron Every now and again, the team likes to release a brand new video telling a new piece of lore for the game Whether it be for a brand new character on the way to becoming[...]
Apex Legends Reveals More Info On Raiders Collection Event
Respawn Entertainment dropped new info today on the next Apex Legends event as you'll soon be able to get in on the Raiders Collection Kicking off on December 7th and running all the way until December 21st, the event will start with the return of the fan-favorite Winter Express limited-time mode If you haven't played[...]
SteelSeries Reveals Inaugural Apex Legends Prime Cup
SteelSeries announced they're starting up a new esports series as they will host the inaugural Apex Legends Prime Cup Starting this weekend, 20 teams from throughout the Americas will compete for a $10k prize pool That set of 20 includes 15 invited pro teams and 5 qualifier teams, giving a slight advantage to those who[...]
Apex Legends Shows Off Ash's Abilities In Latest Trailer
Respawn Entertainment released a new trailer today showing off more of Ash's abilities before she drops into Apex Legends By the look and sound of this character, it feels like you're getting one hell of a killing machine Just based on what we're seeing in the trailer, don't be too shocked if Ash isn't properly[...]
Auto Draft
Electronic Arts and Respawn Entertainment released a new trailer today giving us a better look at Apex Legends: Escape's gameplay Much as they've done before we've been getting the next season in snippets as they've slowly unveiled different parts of it before it comes out on November 2nd This season is taking you all the way[...]
Apex Legends Shows Off New Island Map In Latest Trailer
Apex Legends is gearing up for their next season, and with it is coming a brand new map that will make you wanna get away. literally Respawn Entertainment has created a brand new lunch island paradise filled with sandy beaches, palm trees, luscious views, and some of the most deadly landscapes possible in the middle[...]
Auto Draft
Respawn Entertainment has released a new trailer for Apex Legends to show off the next upcoming legend for the game known as Ash Ash is actually a bit of a familiar face to those who have been playing the Titanfall series of games, including the battle royale which will be getting its next season at[...]
Apex Legends Evolution Collection Event
Respawn Entertainment has revealed new details for their upcoming Evolution Collection event set to hit Apex Legends next week This will be a short-timed event that will run for two weeks from September 14th through September 28th The focus on this one will be the Outlands' resident modder, Rampart, who is showing everyone around who[...]
Apex Legends Releases Stories From The Outlands – Metamorphosis
This past Tuesday, Respawn Entertainment officially launched Apex Legends: Emergence with a number of additions and changes to the game if you haven't had a chance to jump into the game and check it out, we have a quick rundown of everything they have added into the latest update, as well as a new video[...]
Apex Legends Releases Stories From The Outlands – Metamorphosis
Respawn Entertainment has released a brand new trailer for their latest Apex Legends hero Seer to give a better look at them in action So far they are promoting the character as "a visionary artist and a Legend who fights for outcasts everywhere", and that comes across a little here as you get a better[...]
Apex Legends Releases Stories From The Outlands – Metamorphosis
Respawn Entertainment revealed more details today, along with a new trailer for the upcoming release of Apex Legends: Emergence As you might suspect, if you've been paying attention to the game long enough, we're getting the usual updates but in bigger ways that the developers are calling "game-changing" Which is something we have yet to[...]
Apex Legends Releases Stories From The Outlands – Metamorphosis
Electronic Arts and Respawn Entertainment have released a brand new video for Apex Legends showing off the latest addition coming This time around we got a brand new Stories From The Outlands video as we get a better look at the next hero for the game, Seer, in a story called "Metamorphosis" Like a lot[...]
Respawn Entertainment Reveals Apex Legends Thrillseekers Event
Electronic Arts and Respawn Entertainment revealed that Apex Legends will be throwing a new Thrillseekers event next week The event itself is going to be a mix of new stuff to do and familiar territory from the past, as it will from July 13th through August 3rd The biggest addition to the game with this[...]