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Apex Legends: Legacy Gets A New Gameplay Trailer & Details
Respawn Entertainment just put out a new trailer today for Apex Legends: Legacy along with details of what's coming The six-minute video goes over all of the changes that will be implemented when the latest season tasks hold on May 4th, and with it comes a new Legend in Valkyrie as well as a new[...]
Apex Legends Reveals Their Latest Character Addition In Valkyrie
Electronic Arts and Respawn Entertainment dropped a brand new trailer on Apex Legends fans today showing off a new character The latest addition to the game coming next week is Valkyrie, voiced by the always awesome Erika Ishii, this character has some of the deepest ties to the storylines within the Titanfall universe than many[...]
Apex Legends Drops New Details On War Games Collection Event
Respawn Entertainment revealed new details on the War Games collection event on the way to Apex Legends next week War Games is a new event featuring never-before-seen playlist modifiers, as well as a new rewards track and a new set of challenges, all designed for experienced players to get more out of the game and[...]
Apex Legends Will Celebrate Second Anniversary With Collection Event
Respawn Entertainment is throwing a second-anniversary bash for Apex Legends with a special collection event To think, it was just two years ago we had to listen to a bunch of streamers tell us they had the inside scoop on a game we knew about three weeks in advance Now, we're in Season 8 with[...]
Western Digital Releases An Apex Legends Nintendo Switch MicroSD
Western Digital has released a brand new microSD card for the Nintendo Switch centered around the release of Apex Legends for the console This themed memory card is offering you 128 GB of memory to help you play the game and deal with the jankiest of server issues with expanded storage, all to coincide with[...]
Apex Legends Shows Off More Season 8 Gameplay & Info
Before Season 8 kicks off in Apex Legends, Respawn Entertainment would like to show off more of Fuse's abilities The season will officially start on February 2nd, but before you jump in with this new hero, you best know what you're working with The team has released a new trailer showing off everything he can[...]
Apex Legends Shows Off More Season 8 Gameplay & Info
Respawn Entertainment is showing off more gameplay and information for Season 8 of Apex Legends before it launches next week Before the game launches the latest season on February 2nd, the team is giving fans a bit of a preview of things to come with a new gameplay trailer as well as some new info[...]
Separated At Birth – Game Edition: Apex Legends & BulletVille
NOWAA, makers of the game BulletVille are none too pleased today as they believe that the latest Apex Legends character looks like one of their own Over the past week, we've been seeing all the new content from Respawn Entertainment showing off their next character Fuse who will be added to Season 8 of the[...]
Apex Legends Reveals Season Eight Character Mayhem
Respawn Entertainment has released a new trailer today for Apex Legends Season Eight, showing off the new character Fuse The team is taking their jolly time getting into the actual meat of the content this time around and not really rushing anything out Which they're fine to do, it isn't like we're going anywhere during[...]
Auto Draft
Respawn Entertainment looks to be closing out Season 7 of Apex Legends with some banger events as we have a new Fight Night Collection From now until January 19th, the event will have you celebrating part of the new storyline from Pathfinder with 24 limited-time themed cosmetics, a new Air Drop Escalation mode, a new[...]
Crypto Will Be Added to "Apex Legends" In Season Three
Respawn Entertainment has been busy this month with all the lore content for Apex Legends as we have another audio lore drop The recon expert was dropped into the game clear back in Season 3 with a number of mysteries surrounding him and his weird past This falls in line with his character being a[...]
Apex Legends Will Be Adding A Requested Feature In Season 8
Heading into 2021, we know for a fact that Season 8 of Apex Legends will launch sometime in the next few weeks Not much has been mentioned about what's to come, primarily because of the holidays and the fact that we're sure the staff would love to enjoy the time off that they have No[...]
Apex Legends Gets A New Stories From The Outlands Video
Respawn Entertainment has released a brand new Stories From The Outlands video for Apex Legends for Season 7 The video is over seven minutes long and focuses on one of the game's main characters who have been there from the start: Pathfinder Although he is a MRVN in the game, he's been given a chipper[...]
Apex Legends Releases New Loba & Revenant Lore Video
Respawn Entertainment decided to add a little more depth to the lore and storyline happening in Apex Legends between Revenant and Loba If you're not familiar with the story behind these two, Revenant was used as a hitman in the game's character arc to kill a man who turned out to be Loba's father She[...]
Apex Legends Launches Their Holo-Day Bash 2020
Respawn Entertainment has launched their latest holiday event into Apex Legends with the Holo-Day Bash 2020 As you might suspect, this is going to last for a month as you'll be showered in holiday-themed things ranging from new wintery cosmetics, new track rewards, holiday designs around the map, and a fan-favorite mode that's making a[...]