Tag Team Duo Finn Balor and Hideo Itami Destroy the Competition on Raw

Finn Balor is still in a tiff with the Miztourage — Curtis Axel and Bo Dallas — while The Miz is currently out.

We all know WWE has a fetish for pitting Balor against the odds. Balor going against men who are larger than life, or taking on two wrestlers at once, is pretty old hat by now. But is this getting him anywhere? He should be wearing some kind of title by now. If you follow Balor on social media, you've surely seen his whole "over" gimmick. Is he over the WWE? Probably not, since he enjoys messing with people. But the WWE isn't really giving him much of a title push.

Dallas and Axel are great wrestlers themselves, so the match was wildly entertaining. They really gave Balor a run for his money, and hell — there was even real blood involved! In the end, Dallas and Axel were disqualified, but the hits didn't end there. Hideo Itami made his amazing RAW debut, coming to the aid of longtime friend Balor. Suddenly the match was legal again as a tag team match.

Balor and Itami make an excellent team. Both are talented, and with Itami here, could we maybe see a new type of club coming to RAW? Itami and Balor reigned victorious, making this a too-sweet win for the duo. You can watch the end of the match here:

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