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Dexter Lumis signs a contract on WWE Raw
In a storyline conclusion that, in kayfabe, holds up to zero scrutiny, unsigned wrestler Dexter Lumis, who was paid by the Miz to engage in staged kidnapping and torture, and who has a history of kidnapping and assaulting other wrestlers, fought and defeated Miz to win a WWE contract on WWE Raw last night. Dexter Lumis[...]
WWE Raw Preview: Becky Lynch Returns, Dexter Lumis Fights for a Job
Following the events of Saturday's Survivor Series PPV, WWE Raw takes place tonight at the Scope Arena in Norfolk, Virginia with a commercial-free first hour And while we're sure to see some fallout from Survivor Series, WWE is advertising two segments in particular: Becky Lynch will open WWE Raw after returning on Smackdown last week[...]
Bianca Belair reuses to give up the fifth team member on WWE Raw
Belair declined to reveal the fifth team member, who most believe to be a returning Becky Lynch, on WWE Raw last night Instead, Belair is saving the reveal for the night before Survivor Series. Bianca Belair reuses to give up the fifth team member on WWE Raw Last night's WWE Raw was a return to form for[...]
WWE Raw Preview: Who Will Be Made a Turkey Before Survivor Series?
Tonight's episode of WWE Raw is the final episode before the Thanksgiving holiday, along with which comes Survivor Series: War Games, airing this Saturday on Peacock and the WWE Network But despite this being the go-home episode of Raw, only one segment is officially advertised on WWE.com Asuka and Rhea Ripley will compete in a[...]
The Miz pleads his case on WWE Raw
Not so on WWE Raw, where Dexter Lumis will need to defeat The Miz in physical combat to earn an official contract with WWE. The Miz pleads his case on WWE Raw It all went down during this week's WWE Raw, where The Miz held a special edition of Miz TV to apologize to the WWE Universe[...]
Austin Theory snaps on WWE Raw
Last week, Austin Theory tried and failed to cash in his Money in the Bank contract for the United States Championship, and the failure continued to affect him this week on WWE Raw. Austin Theory snaps on WWE Raw At first, Theory attempted to put a positive spin on his loss, which saw him try to use[...]
The official logo for WWE Monday Night Raw. Credit: WWE.
There's also the WWE Raw 30th Anniversary show, set to take place on January 23rd. The official logo for WWE Monday Night Raw Credit: WWE. As time goes on, WWE Raw seems to produce more and more nostalgia-fueled shows Just last month, the company celebrated 25 years since the founding of the Degeneration X stable with a[...]
Nikki Cross, with Damage CTRL, throws the WWE 24/7 Championship in the trash
Nikki Cross won the title from champion Dana Brooke on WWE Raw last night, and after the match, proceeded to throw the title in the trash The trashing of the title was a fitting end for a symbol of some of the worst tendencies of WWE at the end of Vince McMahon's tenure as head[...]
Austin Theory loses his Money in the Bank cash-in against Seth Rollins on WWE Raw
Last night on WWE Raw, Austin Theory became the youngest-ever Money in the Bank loser after failing to cash-in against Seth Rollins for the United States Championship Theory decided to cash in on Rollins after Lashley attacked both Rollins while Rollins was trying to issue an open challenge for the title and his potential opponent, Mustafa[...]
The official logo for WWE Monday Night Raw. Credit: WWE.
It seems there is no length to which billionaire AEW owner Tony Khan will not go to sabotage WWE and RUIN THE CHADSTER'S LIFE! The ratings are down for this week's episode of WWE Raw, and it's clear that Khan is to blame for all of it Raw took place on October 31st, which a[...]
WWE Raw: 10 Highlights from Last Night's Halloween Episode
WWE Raw aired on Halloween this week, and or the first time in a long time, this year's Halloween episode was more treat and less trick Per Bleeding Cool policy, this recap of WWE Raw video highlights has been organized in the form of a listicle Here are 10 Highlights from last night's Halloween episode[...]
WWE Raw Preview: Roman Reigns Addresses Logan Paul Before Crown Jewel
WWE Raw is back for a special Halloween episode tonight, but more importantly, it's the last Raw before the Crown Jewel event in Saudi Arabia on Saturday, which means this episode will focus on… well, we're not really sure They don't really need to sell the show because it's already paid for by the Saudi[...]
How Nikki Cross got her gimmick back on WWE Raw
WWE Raw aired last night Watching Raw sucks (even now under the Triple H regime), but thankfully, WWE releases the highlights on YouTube, which is more palatable And as usual, we've aggregated them with some shallow commentary here on Bleeding Cool But that's not all… a recent editorial mandate demands that we produce a certain[...]
WWE Raw promo graphic
WWE Raw is on again tonight (as it is every Monday), which means it's time for Bleeding Cool to somehow turn a preview of the night's show into a listicle to please the SEO gods and bring upon us their bounty of unique clicks For the SEO gods do smile upon those who publish listicles,[...]
The Main Roster Invades Ahead Of Halloween Havoc On The 10/18 NXT
 The stars from the main rosters of Raw and SmackDown respectively invaded NXT for the night to both compete against the company's biggest up-and-coming stars and to compete against AEW Dynamite over on TBS as a one (Tuesday) night only return of the "Wednesday Night Wars."  What do we call it?  The Tuesday Night Tussle?  I'll leave that up to[...]
JBL appears on WWE Raw
Another WWE Raw is in the record books Though Triple H wasn't there to run the show thanks to COVID, The Road Dogg carried the torch and delivered a watchable show A new editorial mandate here at Bleeding Cool demands that writers produce a certain number of listicles each week, so here's the recap of[...]
Brock Lesnar returns at WWE Raw Anniversary
Brock Lesnar made his shocking (unless you read the dirt sheets and had it spoiled for you) return to WWE at the Raw season premiere tonight Lesnar came out to the ring while Bobby Lashley was awaiting his opponent for a United States Championship defense, Seth Rollins "Good evening, Bobby Lashley," said Lesnar before giving[...]
WWE Raw season premiere promo graphic
Tonight is the big season premiere episode of WWE Raw, and the question on the lips of every wrestling fan is: how can a show that runs every week of the year have a "season premiere." But like the laws of physics during an Irish Whip, that question is one of those things that it's[...]
Four New WWE Commentary Teams for Raw, Smackdown, NXT, and PLEs
Oh please, SEO gods, look favorably upon this news transformed into a listicle and grand us your clicks so that we might make .000000000002 cents on an ad impression! Yes, SEO gods, we thank you for this bounty! Amen! So anyway, here are Three New Commentary Teams for Raw, Smackdown, and NXT. 1 WWE Raw Commentary[...]
Edge cuts a promo on WWE Raw
WWE Raw aired on USA Network, the final episode of the show before Saturday's Extreme Rules PPV One thing for sure we can say about last night's episode of Raw is: it was definitely an episode of Raw Many things happened, and we will tell you all about them… in the form of a listicle! Yes,[...]
Johnny Gargano finds The Miz after a Dexter Lumis attack on WWE Raw
WWE Raw aired on USA Network, the final episode of the show before Saturday's Extreme Rules PPV One thing for sure we can say about last night's episode of Raw is: it was definitely an episode of Raw Many things happened, and we will tell you all about them… in the form of a listicle! Yes,[...]
WWE Raw promo graphic [WWE]
WWE's Extreme Rules PLE will take place this coming Saturday, meaning tonight's episode of WWE Raw will be the final episode before various storylines and feuds reach their next major point at that show And WWE has a lot already planned and advertised for Raw this week: six matches and segments, to be exact As[...]
Candace LeRae returned to WWE and joined the main roster on WWE Raw, kicking off her main roster run with a win over Nikki Ash.
Candace LeRae is back in WWE, joining her husband Johnny Gargano on WWE Raw this week LeRae and Gargano both took a break earlier this year for the birth of their first child, with rumors both could potentially end up in AEW But that was before Triple H took over creative in WWE after Vince[...]
White Rabbit Easter Egg is the Talk of WWE Raw This Week
This week's episode of WWE Raw featured a match for the United States Championship, but all anyone is talking about is what they found on a website after scanning a QR code seen on the episode Following teases all weekend at house shows where WWE played the song White Rabbit by Jefferson Airplane, a QR[...]
WWE Raw match graphic: Bobby Lashley vs. Seth Rollins for the US Championship
With just hours to go before tonight's episode of WWE Raw, WWE is advertising two matches for the show, with a title on the line in one of them and Austin Theory's honor in the other Seth Rollins will challenge Bobby Lashley for the United States Championship on Raw tonight, and Kevin Owens will take[...]
NXT 2.0 RIP: It Appears NXT Will Be Evolving Yet Again Very Soon
 It will definitely be interesting to see what Triple H, Shawn Michaels, and a team of their choosing will cook up without Vince hovering over them like a growling storm cloud, and it will be even more interesting to see the innovation out of certain young stars now that they will be more comfortable knowing[...]
New Women's Tag Champs Crowned on WWE Raw... But Why Though?
Dakota Kai and Iyo Sky won the WWE Women's Tag Team Championships on WWE Raw last night, defeating Raquel Rodriguez and Aliyah Rodriguez and Aliyah won the belts just two weeks ago, defeating Kai and Sky in the finals of a tournament Damage Control's win begs the question: why didn't they just win the belts[...]
WWE Raw Preview: Tag Title Match, Johnny Gargano Wrestles, More
In what may represent the longest WWE has ever stayed focused on the Women's Tag Team Championships, Raquel Rodriguez and Aliyah will defend their belts against Dakota Kai and Iyo Sky on WWE Raw tonight This remarkable increase in attention span can only be the result of the new regime in charge of WWE creative,[...]
WWE Raw promo graphic for Bobby Lashley vs. The Miz in a United States Championship steel cage match
Clash at the Castle was, according to our review, "like a glorified episode of Raw," with no title changes and nothing too newsworthy happening other than Dominik Mysterio finally turning on his dad But there's an actual glorified episode of Raw happening tonight, and WWE has set a big match for the show The Miz[...]