Is Oliver Queen Advising Hillary Clinton?

ClintonBesides pop culture, I'm a political junkie and have been watching most of the debates this primary season. Last night during the Democratic Debate that took place in Flint, Michigan… front runner HIllary Clinton was talking about the lead crisis in the area and their elected officials. At one points she said, "They have failed this city." And I know I was the only one who thought of the tag line from Arrow, "You have failed this city."

In an odd parallel, the character of Oliver Queen is running for Mayor of Star City and two episodes back took place in a debate.

Now the odds have to be zero that Clinton was quoting the show… but just for a moment, fans of both may have visualized the former Secretary of State heading back home, putting on some green leather and hitting the streets with a quiver full of arrows looking for Michigan Governor Rick Snyder while Bill Clinton sits in front of a computer screen tracking him on the computer. If you think I'm way off… look at Clinton's logo.


And like i said, it wasn't just me making the connection:


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