The Six Important Moments From Marvel's Agents Of SHIELD – Melinda

*** This article contains spoilers for the latest episode of Marvel's Agents of SHIELD – Melinda ***


Here we are nearing the end of season two and we are finally finding out why Agent Melinda May is called the Cavalry… and its not a very nice story. The episode also answers some questions for Skye, Raina and creates a whole lot more about just what Phil Coulson has been up to. Here are the six important moments from the episode entitled Melinda.

1) Jiaying takes Skye out away from everyone to try and teach her to use her powers. She wants Skye to find the vibration of a rock, but the loudest thing around is the mountain. Jiaying guides her in making the mountain shake, causing an avalanche. This helps define Skye's power as not causing vibrations but rather the ability to increase or decrease the natural vibrations in everything. This is also quite the bonding moment between the two which leads to Skye asking more about Jiaying and discovering that she is the leader of the people and doesn't normally train anyone.

2) On the ship we find out that Agent May is being put in charge of the old base and is looking into something called the Theta Protocol that Coulson had been working on. She knows nothing about it, but with Jemma Simmons help they discover that Coulson had been moving a lot of money and supplies around without telling anyone. He also has been consulting with May's ex-husband Andrew. The evidence starts pointing to Coulson trying to build a base for super powered people. This is what made Gonzalez's group nervous and feel the need to take Coulson down.

3) Throughout the episode we flash back seven years to a mission in Bahrain with Coulson and May being brought in to approach a powered woman named Belyakov but it goes horribly wrong. A little girl is taken and an entire SHIELD team goes dark. May goes in after them, alone. She quickly discovers that all of them are being controlled. She ends up confronting Belyakov and fighting her. Belyakov's super strength gives May a run for her money, but May kills her. Then we discover the source of the control is not Belyakov, but her daughter… the little girl. May has no choice but to kill the little girl. It effects her greatly… her and Andrew had decided to try and have a child, but the events in Bahrain changed May, leading to her divorce and stepping away from active duty until Coulson talked her into flying the bus.

4) After Skye does a nice trick with wine glasses (before the exploded), Jiaying ends up revealing that she is in fact Skye's mother. But that they must keep it a secret. That Belyakov was part of the Inhumans and stole Terrigen Crystals to transformer her daughter after Jiaying decided against letting the little girl go through Terrigenesis. Had May not killed them, Jiaying would have had to. That there were rules put in place to deal with those who go through the process without the proper training and if anyone knew why Jiaying protected Skye from the rules they would consider it favoritism and Skye would be thought of as a threat. Skye agrees to keep it a secret and the two go to have dinner with Cal where Skye learns that she is 26, not 25 as she had believed.

5) At one points Raina tells Gordon she wants to leave Afterlife and go on her own. He basically tells her no in the nicest way possible. She also talks to Luke about how unfair it is that Skye got everything she wanted and Raina is left being a monster. She dreams of Skye sitting at dinner with her father, looking happy with a bouquet of daisies. Later Luke is serving food for Jiaying, Cal and Skye when he realizes the scene in front of him was exactly what Raina described… meaning her dream was actually a prophecy and showing what Raina's ability is.

6) At the end we discover that Leo Fitz was being tailed. He locks himself into the restroom of a fast food restaurant and figures out how to open the toolbox, which allows him to contact Coulson and Lance Hunter. He tells Coulson that he's being followed and that he stole the toolbox. Hunter starts to talk him through losing a tail. So it looks like Coulson's gang is growing to four now… if Fitz doesn't get caught.

The episode focused a lot on May and what Bahrain did to her. It also shows why she is loyal to Coulson, but we start seeing signs that the loyalty may be breaking. The trailer for next week was less about the episode and more about tying it to Avengers: Age of Ultron. We'll have to see just how the two are connected.


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