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More Wyld Stallyns – Joines And Bachan Return For Bill & Ted Save The Universe
The new series brings back the creative team from Bill & Ted Go To Hell, writer Brian Joines (Imagine Agents) and artist Bachan (Mighty Morphin Power Rangers) Jughead artist Derek Charm will be doing covers. "In 'Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure,' the duo was tasked with creating a song to save the universe While they never[...]
Bill & Ted Go To 2016
BOOM! Studios new series Bill & Ted Go To Hell continues with the second of four issues written by Brian Joines and drawn by Bachan Covers by Jamal Campbell and Alexis Ziritt And from the previews below we see that Napoleon Bonaparte has taken over hell and the boys are thrown into the far distant[...]
Comics Shops Get More Excellent As Bill & Ted Go To Hell
The new series from BOOM! Studios is written by the very funny Brian Joines and drawn by the talented Bachan and we have a preview of the new series. Bill & Ted Go to Hell #1 (of 4) Writer: Brian Joines Artist: Bachan What's to Love: It's time again to be excellent to each other! We showed just how[...]
Boom! Studios Imagine Agents Optioned By Fox For Michael Keaton
Based on the 2013 series by Brian Joines and Bachan, the story takes place in a world where imaginary friends are real and controlled by an organization called I.M.A.G.I.N.E We follow a jaded 20-year veteran agent as he shows a young archivist the ropes when everything starts to go wrong. Since the release of Birdman, Keaton[...]
Sammie Reads: Boom's Rocket Salvage Is Gorgeous Enough To Decorate A Home
Let's do this! This week's review is going to be focusing on Rocket Salvage #3 (of 5) by author Yehudi Mercado and artist Bachan. The official solicitation from Boom! Studios reads: Primo Rocket used to be the fastest speeder-racer in the galaxy, but after a crash that sealed the fate of his space-station-city home, Rio Rojo, Primo has[...]