Battlefield Hardline

Battlefield DLC Being Offered For Free Ahead Of Reveal Of Next Game

To celebrate the impending announcement, EA are offering free DLC for both Battlefield 4 and Battlefield Hardline all week All you have to do is claim it before May 10th On the Battlefield 4 side of things, Dragon's Teeth is yours to pick up, while on Battlefield Hardline you can get yourself Robbery.This isn't the end of[...]

Category: Video Games – Episode 32: Kojima's Rift With Konami And Battlefield Hardline With Amy Dentata

Indie game developer Amy Dentata joined us to talk about Kojima leaving Konami, Final Fantasy XV demo reactions, the political climate that Battlefield Hardline exists in and how the Zelda Netflix show may no longer exist.Check it out here.[audio]You can subscribe to us on Itunes here too if you want to keep up to date[...]

Battlefield Hardline's Multiplayer Reportedly Hampered By DDoS Attacks Yesterday

The launch of Battlefield Hardline was of great importance to EA After the debacle that was the multiplayer launch of Battlefield 4, the company needed a win in that department.And it got it The game's online was reportedly stable during its launch yesterday, which is good news for the Visceral Games, DICE and least[...]

Battlefield Hardline Gets Meta As Criminals Play Dead Space In Campaign

Before working on Battlefield Hardline, Visceral Games were known as the developer who brought the world Dead Space It's quite a tonal shift for the company moving franchises, so here's hoping they can pull off the change.So, Dead Space is going to make an appearance in Battlefield Hardline In this video about character design, at[...]

A Couch Is The Fastest Vehicle In Battlefield Hardline…No, Really

Battlefield is known for having quite a few Easter eggs hidden within it, from Dinosaur roars to full-bodied Megalodon.Battlefield Hardline has taken the cake though The game is thought to be bringing humour back into the Battlefield franchise and this new easter egg seems to confirm that Hosted by jackfrags, this video shows 'The American Dream',[...]

New Battlefield Hardline 'Launch' Trailer Sure Does Have A Lot Of Explosions

Battlefield Hardline has really snuck up on me The game is out in just over a week, bringing a cops and robbers concept to Battlefield gameplay.Still, despite creeping up on us, Visceral Games seem to have jumped the gun a little with this 'launch' trailer  These things are usually left for a day or two[...]

Battlefield Hardline Is Really Trying To Sell This Cop Show Dynamic

One of the more interesting things that we are yet to see too much of is the 'cop show dynamic' in Battlefield Hardline There are going to be 10 episodes to the game's campaign and that will come complete with 'previously ons'.This developer diary shed some light on how that is all going to work[...]

Scratch that – 7 Million People Played The Battlefield Hardline Beta

Just Sunday, I reported that 5 million players had logged on to test the Battlefield Hardline Beta That number has now been dwarfed, by an updated total.Announced on the game's official Twitter, it turns out 7 million total players turned up to play the cops and robbers Battlefield across all platforms. Thank you to the 7[...]

Battlefield Hardline Beta Surpasses 5 Million Players Across All Platforms

The buzz around Battlefield Hardline has felt much cooler than you'd expect from a game in the franchise Maybe it was the somewhat disastrous launch of Battlefield 4 or the fact that Hardline is a new spin off for the series From my temperature checks previously though, the game just hasn't felt like it has[...]

There Are Some Pretty Kooky Battlefield Hardline Reload Animations In The Beta

The Battlefield Hardline beta is online right now Sadly, I haven't found the time to play it yet so I can't give any impressions, but it's out there until tomorrow so go dive in yourself if you want to see what it's about.Kotaku have correlated something a little strange though It doesn't happen often, but every[...]

Battlefield Hardline Open Beta Hitting In Early February

I've gotten hands on with Battlefield Hardline a few times over the last few months While it certainly brings high paced action, there is nothing about it that has grabbed me yet. Add on top of that the political drama surrounding a game that appears to be about heavily militarized police and you have a cocktail[...]

Battlefield Hardline Gets A New Trailer With Lots Of Explosions

EA are in a weird place with Battlefield Hardline Creating a game that celebrates cop vs this political climate is really unfortunate in terms of timing Police militarization is a very hot topic at the moment and it must be hard to create marketing that feels sensitive to the real world issues going on[...]

From Witcher 3 To Evolve: The Biggest Game Delays Of 2014

By Sage Ashford Like every other industry, game delays are actually pretty common.  Most are usually small–a delay of maybe a month to bang out last minute problems.  But then there are others that can completely change everything for both gamers and the publishers, as a delay of a several months can majorly affect a […]

Shop Front Sales – EA And Ubisoft Highlights At E3

Dragon Age: Inquisition showed that you could fight battles in both an action and tactical format, with equally dramatic grunts and moans from the characters, and hinting at the return of the much loved Mass Effect series.EA finished with a flurry of well received announcements too, with a segment about Faith - the heroine of[...]