Battlefield Hardline Beta Surpasses 5 Million Players Across All Platforms


Now this is a little surprising. The buzz around Battlefield Hardline has felt much cooler than you'd expect from a game in the franchise. Maybe it was the somewhat disastrous launch of Battlefield 4 or the fact that Hardline is a new spin off for the series. From my temperature checks previously though, the game just hasn't felt like it has had a huge buzz around it.

Turns out I was wrong.  Executive Producer of Battlefield Hardline Steve Papoutsis took to Twitter to share that the beta, which started on February 3rd, has surpassed 5 million users. He said:

Those are huge numbers. I'd be interested to see the retention on that number and see the average number of games played by each player. I had a few rounds myself, but I can't say anything was really demanding I stick with it. I'm hoping to see more from the game in the future.

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