Battlefield Hardline Open Beta Hitting In Early February

I've gotten hands on with Battlefield Hardline a few times over the last few months. While it certainly brings high paced action, there is nothing about it that has grabbed me yet. Add on top of that the political drama surrounding a game that appears to be about heavily militarized police and you have a cocktail for a shaky release environment. At least from my perspective.

Having said that, I'm going to be first in line to play the game's beta on February 3rd. The date was announced today and the trial will run until the 8th.

There will be three maps and modes included in the beta as outlined on the game's website.

The beta features Conquest on the map Dust Bowl, the brand new Hotwire mode on the maps Downtown and Dust Bowl and another new mode Heist on the map Bank Job.

Developer Visceral Games also released this "beta" trailer, even though it doesn't really talk about the beta at all. This is mostly just confirming stuff we already knew. That zip wire gun sure does look nifty mind.


I always want good games, so I'm hoping I fall in love with the beta once it's out. My expectations are just tempered. I'll report back after I've spent some time with the game.

Here's hoping.

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