Battlefield Hardline Gets A New Trailer With Lots Of Explosions

EA are in a weird place with Battlefield Hardline. Creating a game that celebrates cop vs. this political climate is really unfortunate in terms of timing. Police militarization is a very hot topic at the moment and it must be hard to create marketing that feels sensitive to the real world issues going on in the US while also being 'fun' and action packed as to sell the game.

This new trailer for the title doesn't shy away from that militarization factor though. There are a lot of explosions in it. Like, a lot. Police Cars, RPGs, Guns, Bridges, Trains. They all succumb to to mother destruction.

Take a look here:


I do quite like the idea of framing the game like a cop show. The narrative will have an episodic-like structure and if the writing is good, it could well be a winner for the series. Taking a much more light-hearted and 'wacky' approach to the narrative as opposed to the dour Battlefield 4 campaign could be a smart direction.

Of course, with the aforementioned real world problems, I don't envy EA coming up with any tone or message in the game.