Battlefield Hardline Infographic Breaks Down The Beta's Stats Across 7 Million People

I've been taken aback by the amount of people who played Battlefield Hardline's beta. Everywhere I looked, interest in the title seemed cooled, yet it went on to be one of the biggest AAA betas ever.

Developer Visceral Games has reconfirmed that 7 million people took part in the beta by putting out this infographic. It also shows that $2.8 billion were stolen across the game's modes, on top of 38 million vehicles being hot-wired. Oddly, the police won 57% of the time, which is obscure considering that both teams are equal to the best of my knowledge. Anyway, check the infographic out here.


Visceral Games also put out this developer diary, garnering some favorable responses to the game.


I'm still not sold on Hardline personally. It has a bunch to overcome, what with Battlefield 4 having a botched launch in 2013 and the political climate surrounding police militarization being dicey at best. I am rooting for Visceral Games though. They do good work and I really want to see what they bring to the franchise.

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