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Chris Butcher Quits Toronto Comic Arts Festival, Amid Criticism
It was just something you accepted as being brown and trying to do something with the stuff you loved, knowing who had positions of power" and telling me, "The sense of hierarchy and condescension, not to mention malpractices and greed behind the scenes, has always made it difficult for immigrants or people of colour who[...]
Forbidden Planet, Big Bang, Green Brain, Beguiling And Kings Are New CBLDF Champions
Recently free speech comic book charity, the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund, ran a recruitment drive amongst comic book retailers. It saw them either sign up or get renewals from over 471 stores, raising an extra $66,100 in the process. And they'd like to honour five retailers for gaining Champion level memberships after giving $1000 each towards Forbidden Planet, The Big Bang Comic Shop, Green Brain Comics, The[...]
Chester Brown And Friends Draw Tintin
In an exhibition sponsored by Toronto's premier comics store The Beguiling, Chester Brown and other Canadian artists including Michael DeForge, Joe Ollmann, Zach Worton, and Faith Erin Hicks have drawn their versions of the popular Belgian comics character for Toronto Draws Tintin The opening party is tonight from 7-11 at the Steamwhistle Gallery The pieces[...]
The Beguiling To Open A Comic Shop, You Know, For Kids
All these colourful comics on the walls around them that they are not allowed to read… Well, The Beguiling, one of the most critically acclaimed comic stores in the world, is about to change that Based in Toronto, Canada, it is to open a second store, with a look and feel that's very different indeed. Little [...]