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Liefeld Pulls Out Of Big Apple Comic Con, Starlin & Steranko Step In
This Saturday sees the return of the Big Apple Comic Con in New York, the first of the long-running comic conventions to return to a physical show after lockdown With a scaled-down "Prelude" show, the Big Apple Comic Con had rearranged its planned date from next weekend to this, to accommodate the schedule of Rob[...]
Liefeld Pulls Out Of Big Apple Comic Con, Starlin & Steranko Step In
The weekend represents the first of the long-standing physical comic conventions to return, even in a reduced format, The Big Apple Comic Con in the New Yorker Hotel on Saturday. Rob Liefeld's Anniversary Tour But it seems that their star guest, Rob Liefeld, has announced that he will no longer be attending Liefeld posted to Facebook stating; Once[...]
Big Apple Comic Con Spreads Joy (Hopefully That's All) This Saturday
The Big Apple Comic Con is the first of the big US city comic-cons to make a return, for Saturday, the 17th of July Taking place at the iconic New Yorker Hotel, its special guests are Rob Liefeld, Marat Mychaels, Jeff Shultz, John O'Hurley, Diane Salinger, Steve Cardenas, and Brett Azar Calling it a Prequel[...]
big apple comic con cosplay ghost rider
Bleeding Cool contributor Jason Borelli had his camera with him when he recently attended Big Apple Comic Con. While the calendar said "April," the weather on that Saturday suggested more of an early summer vibe, giving cosplayers a warm atmosphere to show off and pose for pictures in front of Penn Station, across the street from[...]
Fanboy Funk: Barzinga At Big Apple Comic Con
This past weekend Ed and I headed up to beautiful New York City to check out Big Apple Comic Con If you read my previous con report, you'll know that this show wasn't the best But we had a little bit more to talk about later that evening And I promise, one day Rich and[...]
Guest Changes And Crowds – Big Apple Comic Con 2017
Big Apple Comic Con has been a comic con staple for years What started as a fantastic one day show has expanded to two, and this year they had a press event Friday night. I missed out due to another engagement, but word is it was fun This year's guest list was impressive: Stan Lee and[...]