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Naomi Watt Lead Netflix Series Gypsy Gets First Trailer

We get our first look at the new Naomi Watt and Billy Crudup series Gypsy. The series focuses on a therapist who gets to involved with the lives of her patients. The series is a bit controversial because of it's title. The word Gypsy is considered a racial slur by many and nothing in the […]

John Wesley Shipp Calls Billy Crudup An Awesome Choice For Henry Allen

Though John Wesley Shipp has played a variety of Flash characters in his life — both Barry Allen in the 1990s Flash series and the Earth-3 Jay Garrick in the current series's second season finale — he is now best known as playing Henry Allen in the present program. But as the feature film version […]

Billy Crudup For Key Alien: Covenant Role

Deadline reports former Dr. Manhattan Billy Crudup is in talks to join Ridley Scott's second Alien prequel, Alien: Covenant in what they describe as a "key role." The film is said to take place ten years after the events of Prometheus and will see the colony ship Covenant land on a seeming paradise planet, only […]