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Trolls Gonna Troll: 'Captain Marvel' Already Getting Review Bombed
As if we didn't have enough to worry about on a daily internet basis with the onslaught of trolls, it appears that same group of review bombers is already hard at work on Captain Marvel via Rotten Tomatoes. Remember back during Star Wars: The Last Jedi when suddenly the film's aggregate site's score dropped BEFORE the film opened[...]
Cartoons Were Sanctuary Against Bullies, Quarreling Parents and Loneliness
Cartoons were more than just something I enjoyed, it was my sanctuary when dealing with childhood woes like bullies, quarreling parents, and loneliness My love for cartoons was strong and as life improved, it only grew even stronger. I learned pretty early I wanted to make cartoons to entertain others, just like the cartoons of my[...]
Bullies To Be Bullied In New Movie, Bullies
Shelly Horwitz writes for Bleeding Cool Ever been bullied? Ever wanted to find sweet, sweet catharsis in a movie about bullies having bad things happen to them? Good news! Randy Krallman,  an ad director with a rack of shiny trophies to his name, is signed to direct his first feature, called Bullies It's going to be a[...]