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Henry Cavill Says He Never Wants To Stop Playing Superman
You can say what you will about BVS or Justice League, but because of him, I enjoyed both those films more than I would have otherwise Henry Cavill and Warner Bros have had a complicated relationship, putting his future as Supes in question, yet he has never changed his stance: he wants to be Superman[...]
Zack Snyder Supercut Collage
One such topic was that he would like to see someone make a "supercut" connecting Man of Steel and BVS together to form one giant superfilm As we all know, the fighting at the end of Man of Steel begins Zack Snyder's BVS film from the perspective of Bruce Wayne (Ben Affleck) He is also[...]
"Batman Vs. Superman – Where You Go When You've Exhausted All Possibilities" – David Goyer, A Decade Ago
Zack Snyder and Deborah Snyder came after and Nolan and Thmas dropped out. But now Zack Snyder seems to be claiming credit for creating the DC Extended Universe and pretty much rewriting history to omit David Goyer? They also seem to be pretending George Miller's aborted Justice League movie and the Batman vs Superman project we mention above didn't exist. With BVS producer Charles[...]