First Look At Mr. Go, Korea's Baseball Playing CG Gorilla

Go himself has been created with CG and the help of motion capture He looks pretty good to me I hope his film is up to snuff too.As this concept art reveals, there appears to be more than one baseball playing ape in this story.They're not saying where they found it but Twitch have[...]

X-Men Days Of Future Past May Get An All-CG Character – But Who?

Because he's trying not to say too much, Bryan Singer's comments on plans to create an all-CG character for X-Men: Days of Future Past are open to interpretation.If he's simply referring to the Sentinels, then that's one thing - we might take that for granted I wouldn't expect him to cast a real robot.*But maybe[...]

New Trailer For Metegol, Or Foosball, The CG Table-Top Soccer Adventure Film

For his follow up, Campanella has been making a CG animated film in which the characters are those little plastic chaps on the rods of a table football game.Called Metegol at home, I believe the film is to be called Foosball in the US.That actually looks like it might be tremendously exciting.Well, pending a good[...]

Weekend Viewing: CG Chase Film, Ruin

Apocalyptic action-short Ruin has been online since yesterday, and already I've had a half dozen people ask me if I've seen it. I have, and it would seem, from all of the interest, that it's well worth sharing. Here it is, in full. RUIN from OddBall Animation on Vimeo. There's a lot to like and […]

There Might Well Be A CG Yoda On The Phantom Menace Blu-Ray, But He Isn't New

Since I ran that report, a video of a CG Yoda from the Phantom Menace has been uploaded and started doing the rounds Seems to be a clash, right? Wasn't Yoda always a puppet in that film?Well, not always First of all, here's the video:[youtube][/youtube]The first blog in my RSS feeds to find that was[...]