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Painstakingly Restored, 3D Comics Come To Life For Brooklyn Performance
Following attending the Grand Comics Fest in Brooklyn on Saturday, June 7th, I was fortunate enough to attend a truly unusual performance event, the live screening and voice-acted presentation of the history of 3D comics titled 3D Comics Alive with several key comics dramatized at the Brick Theater as part of the Comic Book Theater[...]
From The Fox To Fantastic Four To…The Stage? Talking With Dean Haspiel And Ian W. Hill About Their Comics/Theater Experiment
For the second year running, the Comic Book Theater Festival is bringing a myriad of comics-based plays to life in a number of interpretive formats, from performance comics with visual projections, to dance, to more traditional actor-based performances of comics or comics-inspired stories Curator/Producer Jeff Lewoncyzk is responsible for bringing this unique experiment to the[...]