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Is This Tomorrow? Today?  Communist Fears and Comic Books
Even allegations of secret government deals and Russian collusion were rampant through the United State's own recent election, with the former and latter plaguing the Trump administration's entire four-year term. Is This Tomorrow, Catechetical Guild Educational Society, 1947. The government during the 1950s was defined in large part by McCarthyism, named for Senator Joseph McCarthy's campaign to[...]
The Red Planet Really Is A Red Planet In The New 52
From the Martian Manhunter back-up strip in the new issue of Justice League Of America.    Everything living and connected… working in complete harmony… each according to the needs of the planet… all networked together, feeding off each other…no one an outcast Martian Manhunter? He's a communist! And in the Justice League Of America too! Whatever will the[...]
Hergé's Adventures Of His Chinese Communist Gay Lover?
A graphic novel telling the story of Georges Prosper Remi, better known as Tintin creator, Hergé, and his homosexual affair with a young man, Tchang, the model for characters in his books, and an alleged communist Chinese spy, is having trouble finding a publisher. I wonder why In France or Belgium this may be considered something[...]