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When Mckenna Grace got the script for Crater, as she explained during the worldwide press conference, it was the script that made her decide to sign onto this project, and it was also one of the rare scripts that moved her to tears just by reading it. "Reading the script, I mean, of course, it's really cool[...]
Crater: First Trailer, Poster, & New Images Drop For New Disney+ Film
Crater covers some seriously heavy topics, but it often feels like it is fighting against itself to maintain a sense of whimsey despite the darkness behind it all. Director: Kyle Patrick Alvarez Summary: Crater is the coming-of-age adventure story of Caleb Channing (Isaiah Russell-Bailey), who was raised on a lunar mining colony and is about to be permanently relocated to an[...]
Crater: First Trailer, Poster, & New Images Drop For New Disney+ Film
Disney released the first trailer for Crater today, bringing back some memories of what it was like to enjoy the Disney Channel Original Movies back in the day It's also nice to see Disney putting out an original movie that isn't connected to any of its established properties The company has every reason to lean on[...]
First Image Of Disneys Crater Is Released, Streams On May 12th
Disney is giving us some major blast from the past vibes with this first look from its upcoming original film Crater This looks like something that would have been a Disney Channel Original Movie back in the day, but now it's the sort of movie that's going straight to streaming This is the first we've learned[...]