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Tim Seeley, Dan Fraga Take He-Man to the Multiverse in November

Tim Seeley, Dan Fraga Take He-Man to the Multiverse in November

What could be better than He-Man? How about He-Men? The 1980s hero is getting a new comic from DC in November, and he's teaming up with other He-Men to save the multiverse from Anti-Eternia. And yes, that includes the Dolph Lundren He-Man from the movies. Oh, and he's teaming up with Skeletor as well?! He-Man […]

Dude: Rob Liefeld Taking Reunions To The Extreme With Extreme Studios Reunion, Dude

Break out the Jolt cola and the most obnoxious flavor of Doritos you can get your hands on! Superstar artist and comics luminary Sir Robert Liefeld is assembling the band again for an Extreme Studios 25th anniversary celebration! According to a report on Newsarama, Liefeld will join with artists Jeff Matsuda, Dan Fraga, Andy Park, Shannon Eric Denton, […]

WiP: Dan Fraga's Watercolor Batman

One of the great things about social media is that some artist share their process art as they go. It seemed Dan Fraga decided to experiment with a Batman watercolor piece and share his progress on his Facebook page. Dan is a very talent artist and has worked in both comics and animation… and looking […]

Dan Fraga's Largest Piece Of Art Covers A Comic Shop

There is a comic book shop in Fullerton, California that has original art up in the window… or more specifically on the window. The Comic Book Hideout got artist Dan Fraga to draw on the front of their store. Fraga took pictures and posted them to his Facebook pages as this being the largest thing […]

Dan Fraga Returns To Comic Books With The Grave

When we last met big time nineties comic book artist, Dan Fraga, he was working as director on The Ricky Gervais Show for HBO. Well, now he's back to comics. With a webcomic, The Grave, publishing a panel every day for a year. And it starts 63 years ago…

The Lost Superman Story. Literally.

Dan Fraga has posted to his blog eleven pages of pencils and a further nine pages of layouts for an unseen issue of Superman dating from 2003. Why is it unseen? Because while Dan has the art for the pages he's posted, that is only because he scanned them in. DC Comics… lost the original […]